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Mahmoud Said’s Women

Tuesday August 29, 2017

Mahmoud Saïd was born in Alexandria on 8 April 1897, to an affluent aristocratic family. He was the son of Egyptian Prime Minister Mohamed Pacha Said. He was also the uncle of King Farouk’s first wife, Safinza Zulficar, who became known as Queen Farida of Egypt, reigning between 1938 … cont ……..

Art Without Borders: Meet 13 Artists Exhibiting Their Work in Rome

Thursday August 10, 2017

In Rome, the heart of arts and culture of the Renaissance, thirteen Egyptian women from “Art Without Borders” will be featuring their work in their debut international exhibition.

Organized by Shereen Badr, “Art Without Borders – Italy” will take place in …….. continue …..



Singer Hana Ghoneim And The Colored Dress

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Multitalented Artist, Hana Ghoneim, just released her latest song Colored Dress, the soundtrack of the first Egyptian docudrama film, with the same title, directed by Ehab Moustafa. The song was written by poet Radwa Alawady and composed by the renowned Italian musician Antongiulio Frulio, who also wrote the music theme for several international movies like Anna Karenina and The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith. ….continue ….

Hala El Sharouny’s Women

Tuesday April 11, 2017

Expressionist Egyptian artist Hala Sharouny graduated from Helwan University in 2004 and holds a Masters degree in painting. Hala’s work is characterized by its dynamic, playful techniques. Her palette is diverse, colorful and vibrant. Her artwork addresses contemporary social issues like women and society with a twist of humor…. continue …..

An Egyptian Star is Born in Canada

Saturday April 8, 2017
By: Habiba Elhady

Singer and songwriter Malak Ghanem released her debut album, Circus, in the winter of 2016. She has also released, since then, six live video performances. Her latest video of her original Rule the World, recorded with Ottawa initiative Shot in the Dark, has received over 90,000 views in Canada, the U.S., Egypt and the Emirates, from current and …continue ….

Egyptian Designer Makes it on “Forbes 30 Under 30” List

February 1, 2017
By: Alexandra Kinias

Egyptian graphic designer Ghada Wali was selected on the Forbes’ List 30 under 30 Europe – Arts 2017, making her the first Egyptian to ever be included on the European list. With her cutting edge projects, controversial artwork and short, yet rich professional career, Wali already inscribed her  ….continue …. 

From Cairo to the World’s Greatest Opera Houses

Thursday December 22, 2016
Written by: Habiba Elhady

The musical journey of prominent Egyptian opera singer Amira Selim started at the age of six. She grew up in a house where music and art were not only cherished, but also a profession. Amira was born to pioneering pianist and classical musician Marcelle Matta and Egypt’s renowned artist and art critic Ahmed Fouad Selim. Her parents’ artistic background played an instrumental role in shaping her upbringing and influencing her career. “I was always attracted to theaters, stages, acting, dancing,” says Amira during an interview in Paris, where she ….. continue ….

Carelle Homsy: Egyptian Expressionism Artist

Carelle Homsy  was born in Cairo in 1968.  She graduated from the Faculty of Arts Education, Helwan University in 1991, and a year later  she had her first solo exhibition at the Cairo Atelier. Since then, she had many solo and collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.  Her last solo exhibition was in London in February 2016….. continue ….

Every Picture Tells A Story: Book Review

Saturday December 3, 2016
By: Ibrahim Khalaff

Noran Omar Shafey’s debut novel, “Baraweez,” takes the reader on an intense emotional journey of three Egyptian women and how they are shaped by their life experiences. Baraweez is the Egyptian colloquial word for picture frames and the book consists of three stories (novellas), narrated by a grandmother to her loving granddaughter. On the grandmother’s coffee table are picture frames of the three Egyptian women, whose stories reflect the phases of the January 25th revolution. Each story takes you into ….continue ….

Opera in Egypt and the Mezzosoprano Prodigy: Farrah ElDibany

Written by Nadeen ElFekky and Maryam Meshal –
Sunday October 2, 2016

Music has always played a crucial role in the Egyptian culture. Dating back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization, music was believed to be a method of enlightening by Osiris, the god of the afterlife. Musicians were painted on the walls of ancient temples and tombs playing many instruments including the harp, flute and clarinet. This was the beginning of Egypt’s dynamic musical diversity.

Of the many music genres that emerged over the centuries, opera, which combines the art of singing, acting and dancing at once, is one of the most remarkable. Farrah ElDibany is among many Egyptian opera singers who have gained international acclaim, where their voices resonate on the stages …. continue ….