Forty-four Egyptian and Arab artists participate in the First Vasteros Art Fair in Sweden

October 27, 2020

On the shores of Lake Mälaren and in the city of Västerås in Sweden, the First International Art Fair Västerås was held from 17 to 23 October 2020, in a new experience to abandon the traditional model of exhibitions. The city turned into art galleries where visitors roamed from one gallery to another throughout the city squares. In addition, many workshops and gathering of artists from all over the world were held, where artists displayed their artworks and presented them to the international market.

Forty forty artists from Egypt and the Arab region participated in the fair, which was organized by four Egyptian curators, Ghada Zaki, Sherine Badr, Dina Tarif, Sherine El-Khalily; and Zakia Zada ​​from Bahrain.

Ghada Zaki

About their participation in the organization of the exhibition, Ghada Zaki , Owner of Soho galleries and art fair idea said, “I had the idea of ​​setting up an art fair in Västerås, Sweden, due to the circumstances occurring in the whole world because of the Corona virus. And while art events were canceled in most countries around the world, Sweden was opened for such events, which gave me the opportunity to present the matter to a group of international organizers in several countries around world, and invite them to participate in organizing this huge event, which will make the city of Västerås a large gallery for displaying many artworks of artists from around the world.”

Sherine Badr

Sherine Badr, Founder of the EuroArab Artoday Cultural Project, said, “I was pleased to participate in organizing this important global event, and we aim through it to open a new market for marketing Arab artworks, after the art market went through a period of depression due to Covid 19, and to enhance cultural interaction between people in the Arab world.”

Dina Tarif

Dr. Dina Tarif agrees that art build bridges between cultures. Tarif is the Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of Arsenoy Society for Community Development in Egypt. “From the premise that art is not isolated from the homeland, Arsinoe Arts adopts a new concept for international forums and exhibitions, which aims to extend bridges of art and culture outside the borders of the Arab world.”

Shereen El-Khalily

About the exhibition, Shereen El-Khalily, Founder of Passion Art Gallery, says, “As an artist, I always make sure to participate in international exhibitions with one of my paintings, as well as showcasing the paintings of a group of artists from the gallery. I am so glad to participate in organizing such a great event, during the Covid 19 period. Must say that participating in organizing international exhibitions as well as showcasing Egypt artworks abroad is one my dreams that I am reaching now.”

Zakia Zadeh

“Our primary goal is to transfer local and Arab art to the world, to provide support to artists, to create a link between the local audience and the international art scene, and to participate in international art exhibitions,” Zakia Zadeh added.

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