Singer Hana Ghoneim And The Colored Dress

Tuesday August 1, 2017


Multitalented Artist, Hana Ghoneim, just released her latest song Colored Dress, the soundtrack of the first Egyptian docudrama film, with the same title, directed by Ehab Moustafa. The song was written by poet Radwa Alawady and composed by the renowned Italian musician Antongiulio Frulio, who also wrote the music theme for several international movies like Anna Karenina and The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith.

20525669_1489503584421664_4946236846728593709_nThe short docudrama Colored Dress tells the stories of several independent Egyptian women who are challenging the status quo and breaking social taboos. These women played their own role in the movie, even though none of them is an actress. Hana Ghoneim didn’t play a part in the movie, yet she knows firsthand the social challenges and struggles that independent women face in Egypt.

Born in 1993, the performing artist graduated with honors from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in music.  Ghoneim was very interested and involved in sports. A national champion in high jump, she longed to represent Egypt in the Olympic games. Sadly, the short-lived dream ended after she severely injured her leg during training. This twist of fate was the turning point in her life that steered her towards art and music.

Ghoneim, who attended the German school, was an active member of the school choir. Through her school she met the Egyptian Soprano Dr. Neveen Allouba, who acknowledged her talent and took her under her wings. Today, Ghoneim is a member of Fabrica, a music institution, led by Dr. Allouba, and dedicated to develop the arts of musical theatre in Egypt. She performed in several of Fabrica’s projects, among which was Les Miserables where she played the role of Cosette. She also performed in the Egyptian Operetta El Leila El Kebira (The Big Night), the Broadway show We got Rhythm and the Disney’s preview DisneyMania, where she played the character of Jasmine in Aladdin. Ghoneim is also a main singer in Cinemania, a musical group of artists who perform the award-winning Hollywood soundtracks. The group made its debut on Isaad Younis’s night show Sahibet el Saada (Her Majesty).

18076936_219484011868846_8663205386061365779_oRecently, Ghoneim joined the Egyptian Musical Theatre (EMC), a newly formed company led by Ibrahim Maurice. In EMC’s first production Leila the Musical, she played the role of Eman, the antagonist character.

Besides being a singer and performer, Ghoneim also has a passion for acting. She appeared in several TV commercials and also modelled for various fashion brands. What many people don’t know about the young artist is that she was a member of the Circus Troupe at the German school where she studied. She performed in both Germany and Egypt, rode unicycles, and juggled balls.  Ghoneim believes that her experience she gained as a circus performer helped in developing her skills on, and made her fall in love with performing arts at an early age.

Hana aspires to write her own music, which incorporates her passion for musical theatre and her identity as an Arabic speaking artist. She also believes in the enormous role of culture and art in civilizing a society. She wants to be part of that mission in Egypt, “a country with priceless art heritage yet lacks the social well-being.” She said.

She also hopes to one day be able to help people with mental health issues through music, and thus combines her passion for psychology and music for the betterment of the society.

For more updates on Hana Ghoneim, visit her Facebook page.

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