Meet Wissam Fahmy, One of Egypt’s Prominent Contemporary Artists

Saturday May 12, 2018                    By: Alexandra Kinias

Wistam Fahmy with husband, architect Found Ezz El Din and daughter Randa

Wissam Fahmy’s presence filled Al Hanager Art Center with positive energy. At 79, the prominent Egyptian artist is still active, maybe not as much in producing new art work, but she still organizes her own shows and attend exhibitions by various artists; continuing the journey she started more than 5 decades ago.

32205785_431474707301223_7572297410391572480_nAl Hanager Art Center showcasing The Nubian Dream exhibition, which opened on May 8, at the Opera House was even more special to Fahmy. It exhibited some of her daughter’s paintings. A late bloomer in the art field, Randa Fouad never lacked the inspiration to embark on her own art career. “Imagine growing up in a house where all the renowned artists ofthe era met, some of whom became Egypt’s icons of contemporary art.” Randa Fouad recalls her childhood memories

Fahmy’s interaction with the young aspiring artists whom she came to celebrate their achievements was a déjà vu of a time when she was also embarking on her creative adventure, slowly carving her name in the art arena. The vibrant and colorful stories of the heydays of Egyptian contemporary art left the artists bedazzled and nostalgic, but mostly inspired.

32089729_431476847301009_2850514870313418752_nFahmy’s husband, architect Ezz Eldin Fouad was a true connoisseur of arts, especially classical music.  His house was the mecca of Egyptian artists. “I was privilege to grow up among Bikar, Taheya Halim, Hamed Nada, Sabri Ragheb, Gazebeya Serry and Dr. Hassan Fathi, and other artists whose paintings are adorning galleries and museums worldwide.” Randa said.

Wissam Fahmy with family – circa 1940s

Fahmy was born in Cairo in 1939. She showed interest in art since childhood, but as many girls of her time, she didn’t finish school. When the young handsome architect proposed to her at the age of 17, she dropped out of school and got married. After her second child was born, the 24-year-old mother, decided it was time to pursue her passion in art. With the support and encouragement of her husband, Fahmy enrolled at the Leonadro Davinci School of art in Cairo, which later became the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Wissam Fahmy – Self Portrait

Ezz Eldin Fouad was also the driving force behind his wife’s success. “My dad supported my mother all the way, without his support morally and financially she couldn’t have made it.” Randa Fouad added.  Fahmy studied for 4 years under the patronage of Dr. Sayed Abdel Rasoul, the famous artist. She graduated in 1965 and has been practicing art for more than 5 decades.

Regarded as one of the influential female contemporary artists in Egypt in the 20thcentury, Fahmy has produced a wealth of art and carved her name among the vanguard artists who set the frame work of modern Egyptian art. Her paintings explored various styles inspired by her travels in Egypt and around the world, but mostly she found inspiration in her homeland, especially in Old Cairo, Nubia and the desert oases.  Her artistic talent reflected in her paintings, are highly charged with attractive, vigorous and positive energies. Hussein Bikar, Badr El Din Abu Ghazi and other art critics describe her paintings as creative, dreamy, primitive and orientalist. Today, she is still considered one of the best portrait artists in Egypt.

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 Believing in social and community work, she donated all the earning from her last few exhibitions to Dr. Magdi Yacoub’s Foundation. She is also preparing for an exhibition for all her paintings and her private art collection, where she will also donate its earnings to the same foundation.

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Wissam Fahmy is a member of the Egyptian Painters Syndicate, Fine Art Lovers Association and Wekalet El Ghouri Association.

Check Wissam Fahmy’s Facebook page here

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  1. Amazing outstanding artist. She managed to deliver not only the beautiful natural portraits of her models but in a very subtle manner she managed to deliver the feeling and the air surrounded by each model and its respective time. I am in short of expressing her deftly unique skill.
    I want to thank her for adding to the history of Egyptian Art.

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  2. Hey there i need this article to be send to my email if you may as well as margo violin and any artist that used to live in egypt ir was Egyptian.


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