Women Health

After 23 years, Egyptian court compensates woman 1/2 million LE for losing her uterus | Lamia ElKholy

October 26, 2020 
By: Lamia ElKholy 

An Egyptian woman obtained a final ruling from the Court of Cassation to get half a million Egyptian pounds for losing her uterus due to a serious medical negligence committed by the doctor who delivered her only child 23 years ago. Mrs. L.A. was twenty-five years old when she gave birth to her first child in what she described as a “forced labor” when Doctor O.A induced her labor without a medical need in her private hospital, because the doctor’s travel plans coincided with the expected date of birth. She was given drugs to stimulate childbirth for more than 48 hours, which caused her to have an extended tear and severe hemorrhage, and she lost her uterus as a result and almost lost her life and the life of her newborn… continue reading..

Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month: the Condition Affecting Millions

Wednesday September 23, 2020 
By: Lara Ahmed 

September is interstitial cystitis (IC) awareness month, yet many people won’t even realize it because they might not even know that the medical condition exists. This isn’t the fault of the general public but because the reasons it remains in the shadows are almost as complicated as the condition itself.. continue reading ..