She; Heroism, Magic and Beauty in the Everyday

Thursday 21 February 2019

Paintings by the artists

For over a century, and since 1911, communities around the world gather annually on March 8thto celebrate International Women’s Day.  Events, concerts, art festivals and exhibitions by and for women are organized globally, to both celebrate women achievements and campaign for women equality, while also calling to close the gender parity gap.


On this occasion, the Egyptian Cultural Center in London will be hosting an art exhibition titled “She; Heroism, Magic and Beauty in the Everyday.” The exhibition which will open on March 1, 2019 until March 9th will display painting by three female Egyptian artists; Dina Negm, Hanan Youssef and Nevine Fathy.The artists explore the beauty in the mundane, the magic in everyday life and take a deeper glimpse into the abundant potential of female creative energy.

Meet the Three Artists

Hanan Youssef

Hanan 1

With a passion in drawing and painting since a young age, Hanan Youssef decided to abandon her career in architecture to pursue her passion, and turn it into a career. To enhance her skills, she attended several workshops both in Egypt and abroad. Furthermore, she held her own watercolor workshops for children and adults.

Youssef enjoys experimenting with different styles, themes and mediums – oil, acrylics, watercolors and pastels, which adds a unique variety and depth to her work. She held five solo exhibitions; “Art and Soul” in 2012, “Asalit Baladna” in 2013, “The Charm of Water” in 2015, “The Colors of Joy” in 2017 and “Acceptance” in 2018. Additionally, she has also participated in several group exhibitions in private galleries and a few of which were organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Nevine Fathy

Nevine Fathy

Nevine Fathy is a London based figurative artist with a passion for oil painting. Her work plays with the theatricality of the everyday. In search of what is revealed by the act of hiding, Fathy explores the ever-changing shift of personality facets we choose to present to the world. Between ego persona and the safety of conformity, she looks for subtle clues to reflect the authentic self through nonverbal communication and the relationship between the figure and the space it inhabits.
With a background in engineering, Fathy studied painting at the American University in Cairo and obtained her Fine Art Diploma at the Art Academy in London. She was a top ten finalist in the 2017 World Art Vote organized by National Open Art and participated in several group/solo exhibitions in London.

Dina Negm

Dina Negm 2Egyptian-British artist Dina Negm lives in Cambridge, UK. A graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, she experiments with different materials and creative concepts. Her paintings explore the complexity of Egyptian identity. Negm’s love and yearning for her homeland has been the soulful inspiration behind her work. Her art exhibits creative remnants from Africa, Arabia, traditional arts, and the local Egyptian palate. It reflects the charming identity, tradition, pride, passion, sensuality, liveliness, and family values, as well as her nostalgia to her homeland.

Negm held several exhibitions in the UK including a solo exhibition at the Cultural Bureau Office of Egypt in London. Her artwork was also displayed at Alison Richard building at the University of Cambridge. Moreover, she recently cooperated with New Zealand conductor Chris Clark in a project to bring paintings and music together, by presenting Eastern art through an elaborate musical show, at the Michaelhouse Centre in Cambridge.

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