“Tales of Al Ghandoura” Exhibition by Artist Omaima Alseesi

Thursday – January 18, 2018
By: WOE Team

26942397_10155842111392367_1709801619_oArtist Omaima Alseesi is hosting an exhibition at Nahdet Misr Gallery – Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum from January 11th – 21st, 2018, named “Hekayat Al-Ghandoura,” (Tales of A Pretty Woman).

26914089_10155842070222367_850374998_n“Tales of Al-Ghandoura” is a women-themed exhibition. Through more than 45 oil paintings on canvas, Omaima tells various stories about women. She also reflects through her brush and warm and vibrant colors women internal beauty and how they adapt to their hard surroundings through their optimistic perception of life.

Born in Kuwait in 1959, the Egyptian artist has a passion for the traditions of Egyptian culture and its ancient heritage. Her paintings reflect Egypt’s vibrant and colorful environment.

Omaima graduated in 1980 with a BA in English and German languages from Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University. She pursued a career in English and Arabic translation in Egypt and Kuwait, where she lived for many years with her husband and children. In Kuwait, she worked as a translator for a major Kuwaiti bank.


Throughout her life, the brush and colors never left her hand. Omaima drew and painted for many years as an amateur until lately when she joined various art workshops with well-known artists, to refine her talent and exchange artistic experiences with other artists.


Three years ago, Omaima retired from her job as Translation Manager at a multinational organization in Egypt and became a full-time artist. Since then she has participated in many group exhibitions, locally and internationally, in the Netherlands, Word Art Dubai and recently in Rome Italy.


In her solo exhibition “Doors of Baheyya,” held in May 2016, and through more than 45 oil paintings on canvas she presented ancient and traditional doors of Egypt. Her paintings captured the tales, people and places beyond these doors, that reflect the heritage, splendor and the breathtaking beauty of Egypt.


Omaima’s paintings are found in Cairo’s galleries, as well as in privately owned collections.

Visit Omaima Alseesi’s Facebook Page to view her paintings

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