To Travel or not to travel? That is the question | Sherry Eldessouky

Sunday October 25, 2020
By Sherry Eldessouky

Thousands of Egyptian students are travelling abroad to study at university and this is considered a safety valve for many young people today. Why are students and parents attracted by this move? Despite the fact that this move is quite a challenge and does not fit in with cultural norms but it is now entrenched as part of the educational career path … continue reading ..

Child Abuse: Do parents Realise What it Really Means? | By: Sherry Eldessouki

Monday September 7, 2020 
By: Sherry Eldessouky

Photo credit: Luis Louro

Parenting behavior is an issue that has generated a great deal of heated debate. At this day and age the typical Egyptian household has changed tremendously in terms of upper middle class sectors. Parents are well educated and have top notch jobs with a high income that generates a good portion of disposable income. As a result, caregivers and nannies have been employed to take the burden off the parents. It is important to note that each culture has different expectations for the behavior of parents and what is and is not accepted as form of child abuse. continue reading …