Ghada El Wakil, Prime Minister of the Women Government Says She Was Inspired By Benazir Bhutto

By: Iman Refaat
Saturday October 1, 2016

12031987_1132981543396869_3298075837117999820_nGhada El-Wakil’s vivacious eloquence captures you. Her positive energy, optimism and courage are contagious. While a published author, journalist, philosopher, politician, and activist, Ghada is also an active contributor in the community. Despite her accomplishments, the president of the women’s committee at the Turath (Heritage) NGO and founder and prime minister of the Women Government has no dreams of leaving behind a legacy, yet she is a living one…. continue reading …..

Amany Khalil: Egypt’s Ironwoman

By: Habiba Elhady
Thursday October 27, 2016

14563399_1210607698977922_4130336625230931922_nAmany Helmy Khalil, the 50-years-old mother of two, is the first Egyptian woman to complete the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona, Spain on October 2, 2016. The Ironman Triathlon consists of a three sequential stage competition that includes a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, without a break.

This high endurance extreme sport is considered the most challenging single day event in the world.  Many competitors are professional athletes, but as it is gaining popularity the sport is attracting people from all walks of life. Amany is among many who have joined the growing Triathlon generation in Egypt. continue reading ….

A Unique Woman’s Creative Journey

Friday November 18, 2016
By: May Allam

In 2007, computer engineer, Theresa Khalil moved from the polluted and chaotic city of Cairo, to start a new life in Sharm El Sheikh. Not quite common for a single woman to live alone, but for Theresa, a person guided through life by her passion for creativity, change and doing what she enjoys best, she followed the path she believed in. Life in Sharm El Sheikh wasn’t easy for the single young women … continue reading …

Taboo: An Egyptian Woman’s Vision for Happier Relationships

Tuesday November 29, 2016
By: Alexandra Kinias

From behind her computer screen, thousands of miles away from Egypt, 32-years old Latifa G., created and administers Taboo*, a Facebook group for women. True to its name, Taboo, a modern day advice column, encourages women to freely share and discuss personal, sensitive and social issues that have been kept off limits for too long… continue reading ..

Nahla Elalfy’s Journey from Engineering to the Runway

Monday January 9, 2017
By: Amany Zayed

Nahla Elalfy graduated as an engineer in 2002, but in an unusual career shift, she retired her degree to follow her passion of fashion design. A busy mother of two daughters, she anticipated the challenges facing her, but none the less she decided to pursue her dream. Nahla’s perseverance, determination and optimism, attention to details and artistic vision were among many factors that brought Nahla Elalfy Designs to life… continue reading …


IT Executive Returned Home To Make a Difference In Rebuilding Egypt

Saturday January 14, 2017
By: Iman Refaat

After working for fifteen years in the U.S. in information technology and financial services, Reem Asaad left behind a successful IT consulting firm and returned to Egypt in 2006 to join Raya Holding, a leading financial investment company specializing in IT and Telecommunication industry. Within months she became its IT Director…. continue reading …


Egypt’s Easy Rider Travels the Country on a Motorbike

Tuesday February 14, 2017
By: May Allam

On October 29, 2016, Shereen Adel, a computer science graduate, travel writer and a passionate biker, became the first Egyptian woman to tour Egypt on a motorcycle. Together with 4 other riders, including her husband, she completed a circular route of 2700 km in 9 days, from Cairo to … continue reading …


A Hearing-Impaired Dentist Sends A Message of Hope

Monday, March 13, 2017
By: May Allam

 Esraa El Bably is a woman of exceptional qualities. Born with hearing impairment did not hinder her ability to become a successful dentist, in a world where studying to become a dentist is a challenge on its own. Not only that, she also became the first dentist with hearing disability to open her own clinic in Sherouk City,… continue reading ..