Does Prince Charming Really Exist?

Wednesday October 30, 2019               By: Alexandra Kinias

Image 10-29-19 at 8.17 PMIn Disney’s fairytales, the handsome Prince falls in love with the lumber jack’s daughter he meets in the forest, obviously because the princesses living in castles all over the cartoon movies are no match to these beautiful forest girls. As he asks for her hand in marriage, the birds chirp and the butterflies dance to the romantic song. The squirrels watch them ride on his white horse into the sunset. And the royal couple lives happily ever after. The fairytale romance leaves us with misty eyes, a happy heart and hopes that our prince charming lives a few castles away…continue reading…

Scared to be Lonely: Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

Friday September 21, 2018                    By: Ingy El Naggar


If life was a movie everything would perfectly go according to plan. We would go to school, get the degree we want, the job of our dreams and have loyal friends that put the F.R.I.E.N.D.S squad to shame. We would meet the perfect guy whom we love, and who loves us back, just asfaithfully and unconditionally, and we would live happily ever after. But unfortunately, life is not a movie. In life, we make mistakes... continue reading…

Single Moms: The Egyptian Warriors

Saturday September 9, 2017
By: Fayza Taha Yassin

ashley and tiara

Single mothers are often viewed by the society as culprits destroying their marriages and their children’s sense of family and stability. However, from experience, the opposite is true. Some single Moms actually choose to become single to save what is left of their mental health and stability and their children’s sense of security….continue reading…

Reflection On Friendships

Monday August 14, 2017
By: Ayaat Morgan

I’ve known friends that loved each other since childhood, and are now married with beautiful kids. Friends that got married to traveling, gave birth to exploration and made an oath to the universe. Friends who married, had kids and got divorced – some happily remarried, and those who didn’t, feel awesome for being single again.

Friends that were bullied and were told they were ugly growing up and are now ‘fashionistas’ the world follows, idolize and admire…. continue reading …


3 Egyptian Women Tell About Their Intercultural Marriages

Saturday July 1, 2017
WOE Team


The number of Egyptian women marrying foreign men of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds is increasing, defying the social customs and traditions. In the cyber age, love is no longer restrained by geographical boundaries. Dating is made easier through social networks and dating sites. And with more women travelling abroad to study or to work, it became easier to meet the men of their dreams. Is it only love that attracts women to intercultural relationships, or is it also because women feel that foreign men treat them better than Middle Eastern men? …. continue reading ….

Why Divorce in Egypt May Actually Be A Healthy Sign?

Monday May 1, 2017
By: Alexandra Kinias


The concern by many over the soaring divorce rates between young couples in Egypt may be argued by others as a healthy phenomenon. Shocking as it sounds to some, but these rates suggest that young couples are rebelling against the obsolete rules and regulations that had once governed and shaped the fate of their parents and grandparents, and forced women to stay in dysfunctional marriages against their wishes. ….. continue reading ….


Relationship Drama: How to Choose the Right Guy?

Tuesday April 4, 2017
By: Reham Bayoumi


When it comes to choosing Mr. Right, many women are often oblivious about what to look for in a relationship and continuously question the choices they make. Even worse, there are those who find themselves torn between two guys at the same time, unable to make up their minds on whom to choose… continue reading …