Meet Ayah Eissa, Coach of the Egyptian Armed Forces Tent Pegging Team

November 7, 2020 
By: Alexandra Kinias 

Distinguished national and international tent pegging champion, Ayah Eissa is also a gold badge referee. In addition, she is the only international certified tent pegging coach in Egypt, and the coach of the Egyptian armed forces tent pegging team… continue reading ..

Female Cyclists Ride Past Stigma | Lara Ahmed

Friday September 11, 2020 
By: Lara Ahmed 

In many ways, cycling is seen as not just a forgotten sport, but also a lost art. Thankfully, it is a money- saving means of transportation that many still use today.  Yet, if you were to walk around an average Egyptian neighborhood, you’d have trouble spotting a woman on a bicycle. The fact remains that cycling is considered taboo for women in Egypt. Why does such a beneficial sport still spark controversy?.. continue reading ..

Jomana Ismail Travels From Minia to Cairo on a Stand Up Paddle

Sunday September 6, 2020 

In a new adventure, Jomana Ismail travels the distance of 250km from Minia to Cairo on a Stand Up Paddle in five days. SUP is considered the fastest growing recreational sport on Earth. It is practiced anywhere there is water; on rivers, lakes, whitewater, the ocean, etc. As well as world-class competitions, participants also enjoy SUP as a fitness activity and as a unique way to enjoy the nature..continue reading ..

Pixy Shahrour’s Journey From Diabetic to Athletic

Monday February 11, 2019               ًBy: Hadeer Taha

Pixy Shahrour – Photo courtesy Brace & Forge

“Your daughter is diabetic.” This is how it all started. Nineteen years ago, when I was 9, my family and I learned that I have diabetes. I will never forget how shocked my parents were when the doctor told them the news. They both started crying at the doctor’s office and I didn’t have a clue why. All that I understood was that I was sick and I had to take an injection in my abdomen to get better….continue reading …




39 Egyptian Gold Medalists in 2018 Made Us Proud.

Sunday December 23, 2018                              By: Kismat Mokhtar


Every day, Egyptian female athletes (EFA) are raising the bar. They are competing in challenging and extreme sports and breaking world records. This year in particular has been phenomenal for EFA.  They have participated in competitions across the globe, and have received world recognition. They not only have carved their names in gold, received awards and honors, but they also, while making us all proud, are encouraging the younger generation to break the social and gender stereotypes…continue…

Egyptian HandBall Coach to Train Australia’s Women’s National Handball Team

Wednesday December 5, 2018                         By: Egyptian Streets



Photo credit: Fil Goal 

Egyptian handball coach and player Heba Ali is the first Egyptian to train a foreign team by becoming the coach of the Australian women’s national handball team. In Egypt, the Egyptian Federation of the game usually hires a foreign coaching expert, given that they have the appropriate experience, to manage the technical affairs of the national team and develop their skills…continue reading…

Marathon to End Violence Against Women

Friday November 30, 2018


Egyptian women gathered today in Cairo for an eight-kilometer run, the first official Marathon for Women and Girls in Egypt. The event was part of the 16-days of activism to combat violence against girls and women. It was organized by The National Council of Women (NCC), in cooperation with UNFPA, Cairo Runners, and the Ministry of Youth…continue reading….

Meet Randa Al Mahdy: Egypt’s 2018 Iron’W’oman

Tuesday October 16, 2018                               By: Alexandra Kinias


On October 7, Randa Al Mahdy completed the Ironman Barcelona 2018. Ironman competitions includes 3.8 km of Swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km marathon. She  had discovered her passion for endurance sports less than two years ago. And it took her one year to train for the competition.  Al Mahdy was the only Egyptian woman who competed this year. She completed it in 13:01:48 hrs….continue reading…


Football Coach Farida Salem Will Teach You How to Kick Like A Girl

Sunday September 16                         By: Kismat Mokhtar

“My coach said I run like a girl. I said if he ran a little faster, he could too.” – Mia Hamm.


As the image of girls in male dominated sports is changing from merely cheerleaders to girls who are cheered at, Farida Salem is also taking major steps towards materializing her dream of opening a football academy for girls in Egypt. After endless years of battling cultural, social, and most importantly, gender stereotypes, the football player and coach, has finally succeeded to engrave her name in the national and international sport arena….continue reading…

Egyptian women challenge social norms by practicing Parkour

Monday July 23, 2018                       By: Reuters

Mariam Emad from Parkour Egypt "PKE" practices her parkour skills around buildings on the outskirts of Cairo


Mariam Emad from Parkour Egypt “PKE” REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

A group of Egyptian women gather at an abandoned park in a Cairo suburb once a week, climbing walls and jumping around in the strenuous physical discipline known as Parkour, while also challenging the country’s conservative social norms….continue reading…

Meet the Egyptian Superstars of the Mediterranean Games – Tarragona 2018

Saturday June 30, 2018


Egyptian women won 15 medals (4 gold, 2 silver, 9 bronze), in the Mediterranean Games that ended in Tarragona Spain today. In total, Egypt won 45 medals and ranked 5th….. continue reading ….



Hana Goda: A Young Champion with a Big Dream

Sunday June 24, 2018
By: Radwa Hosny                         Translated by: Dina Al-Mahdy


Ten-year-old table tennis champion Hana Goda is taking steady steps toward international fame, winning both local and international medals. Goda aspires to win the world championship and become an Olympic gold medalist. She won gold medals at the 2016 Algerian International Championship, the 2018 Tunisian Championship, and the 2018 African Table Tennis Championship. She also won the silver medal at the 2017 Swedish Table Tennis Championship and is ranked as the top junior champion in Egypt under the age of 12…. continue reading ..



Egyptian Fencer, Aya Madany, Wins the African Title

Tuesday June 12, 2018


In an impressive comeback from retirement, Aya Medany, 30, the Modern Pentathlon champion, won the gold medal and the African title in the 2018 African Fencing Championship. The Campionship was held at the El Menzah Sports Palace in Tunis, Tunisia from June 5 to June 9. Medany grabbed the gold medal after beating her Egyptian counterpart Nardeen Ehab 15-13…. continue reading …


Queen of Dunes

Saturday, December 23, 2017
By: Haitham Mohamed and Mohamed Farid


Yara Shalaby, 33, has become the first professional female rally driver in the country, winning several races of the 25 she has participated in, and overcoming stereotypes of what a woman can or cannot do with a car in Egypt... continue reading ..





Real Women Ride Motorcycles

Wednesday October 4, 2017
By: WOE Team


A Ladies of Harley’s member, Dina Wassef ranks among the pioneer female bike riders who are breaking social taboos in Egypt. After graduating from the University of Fine Arts in 2007, Wassef worked as Sales Manager for Harley Davidson Egypt. That’s where she discovered her passion for bikes, learned to ride and hasn’t stopped since… continue reading …

Egyptian Girls Galloping Off Into A New Sport

Saturday September 17, 2017
By: WOE Staff

Tent Pegging is an equestrian game that requires the rider to pierce and pick a target off the ground with a sword or a lance while charging at it. The sport is played in many countries around the world, Egypt included. Because the sport is not popular in the country, many people are unaware that Egypt has a national team, not to mention that its coach Ayah Eissa is the youngest certified female tent pegging coach in the world…. continue reading …



Schirin Salem Teaches Women Wen-Do to Fight Sexual Harassment

Friday August 18, 2017
By: Jaylan El Shazly

With the soaring rates of sexual harassment in Egypt, Schirin Salem, together with her friend Emmeline Lavender, launched Igmadi (Be Strong) Initiative in 2014, to empower women to stand up against harassment through Zumba fitness and Wen-Do self-defense training. With the series of events they organized across Egypt, Igmadi has since grown into a full-blown phenomenon. In spite of growing up in Germany, Salem had always been aware of sexual harassment. She experienced it during her visits to Egypt….  continue reading …


Amany Khalil: Egypt’s Ironwoman

By: Habiba Elhady
Thursday October 27, 2016

14563399_1210607698977922_4130336625230931922_nAmany Helmy Khalil, the 50-years-old mother of two, is the first Egyptian woman in this age category to complete the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona, Spain on October 2, 2016.

The Ironman Triathlon consists of a three sequential stage competition that includes a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, without a break….. continue reading ….