Art Without Borders: Meet 13 Artists Exhibiting Their Work in Rome

Thursday August 10, 2017

In Rome, the heart of arts and culture of the Renaissance, thirteen Egyptian women from “Art Without Borders” will be featuring their work in their debut international exhibition.

Organized by Shereen Badr, “Art Without Borders – Italy” will take place in “Spazio Cerere” gallery in Rome on Saturday August 12th, 2017 at 19:30 pm, under the Aegis of World Federation of UNESCO and Zervas Art organization.
The exhibition will also include a live workshop.

“Art Without Borders” is a group of 21 Egyptian artists from different generations and art schools. They believe art is a universal language for intercultural communication between human beings and one of the most effective ways to learn about other cultures.

“Arts Without Borders – Italy”, is the first in a series of international exhibitions the artists are planning to organize around the world. Their goal is to start a cultural dialogue between Egyptian artists and artists from around the world.

As they also believe they are cultural ambassadors of their country, members of “Art Without Boarders” are aiming to present and promote Egyptian culture and tradition through their work.

1- Ghada Embarek

After graduating from the University of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Ghada traveled to Asia. She spent three years in Japan and Indonesia where she was introduced and overwhelmed by the abundance and various styles of art. In 1991, Ghada had her first exhibition in her own gallery, and joined several exhibitions afterwards. She also teaches basic and advanced levels of arts to children and aught hundreds of children and young adults. In a projected funded by the EU in 2009, she travelled to the heart of Sinai to teach Bedouin women how to decorate their homes. Her art echoes both Egyptian and Islamic motifs. This influence was most pronounced in her latest exhibition “Souls through Eyes”.

2- Shereen Badr


Founder of “Art Without Borders” group, Shereen is a self-taught artist who first learned water base coloring techniques before transitioning to oil and acrylic painting. She attended various art workshops with renowned artists to improve her skills.

A graduate of the Faculty of Education, French Department, with a diploma in translation from the AUC, she is now devoted to study Art History.

She participated in many group exhibitions and held her first solo exhibition “Brush and Lens” with the American Photographer Kevin Roy in 2016.

Her paintings capture the Egyptian life, depicting humanity in artistic ways. Each piece documents the lives and the movements of the Egyptian people and their professions, whether they are city, countryside, desert or Upper Egypt dwellers.

3- Marina Shehata


Marina discovered her passion for painting, fashion design and photography at a young age. With the support and encouragement of her family, she was able to improve her artistic skills. At seventeen she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts – Oil Painting Department, Helwan University, Cairo.
She studied the anatomy of human figure, art history, perspective drawing and the various art schools. Marina graduated in 2010 and ranked 7th among her class. Maria teaches art at several art academies and art centers in Egypt. She enjoys creating her own art materials for courses and workshops.

She participated in many art exhibitions through the years of college and participated as well in many art exhibitions and workshops in Egypt and abroad.

4- Mai Shokry


Mai’s passion for art led her to pursue a different career than her engineering background. She studied art fundamentals in Egypt before attending various trainings and workshops on painting techniques in Europe and the US.

Mai mastered many painting mediums with different techniques, from pencil drawing with emphasis on the relation between shadow and light, to Pastel, Acrylic and Oil painting. As her skills improved, she specialized in Cityscape paintings.

Through her deep admiration for architecture, she sees beauty in every building, street, wall and brick. Her paintings are a blend between impressionism and abstract art where she illustrates the world as she would like to see it.

She participated and contributed in many art exhibitions in Egypt and France.

5- Mira Boules

665952_10152229581870384_801906082_o (1)

Miranda Ramzy Boules aka Mira Boules has a passion for both art and photography, which she uses bot mediums to express herself. She is a self-taught artist. She started her oil paintings in 2006 and six years later she ventured into photography, which she studied for two years. In 2014, she received her photography certification from ” Art of Seeing Center”. She had participated in multiple art and photography exhibitions. Her artwork is representable where she strives to capture the beauty of the scene and feelings felt by her eyes and imagination.

6- Eman El-Ghandour

Picture1With a passion for art from a young age, Eman’s talent was recognized by her family and teachers who supported her all the way.
She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, Scenography Department. During her collage years, she participated in students’ exhibitions, as well as in the graduates’ exhibition in 2002. She also participated in several exhibitions after her graduation. She mostly paints with oil. She is a member of Art Café Maadi where she teaches art to young kids as well as adults.

Eman also studied screenwriting and movie directing. She wrote and directed a short movie Bel-Makoub (Upside Down).

7- Elham Saadallah

Elham graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. She is an interior designer and visual artists. Her extensive travels have impacted her artistic vision and inspired her artwork. To improve her artistic skills, she studied different art techniques and mediums such as mosaic, stained glass, silk and glass painting, which gave her the edge to master her tools of expression.

She has been using her talent and mediums to abstractly express her inspirations and influences, producing unique art pieces with distinguished imprint. Throughout her career, she participated in several art exhibitions.

8- Azza Fakhry


Azza has a BA of Art Education and a
Diploma of Psychology and Art Therapy for children with special needs. She is a member of several art organizations and societies.

 In April 2016, she held her personal Art exhibition (A Life Icon) at Taha Hussein Museum. The gallery presented Woman in realistic and symbolic visions. The core philosophy of her work is about Women Freedom, merging between symbol and reality. Her work which is influenced by impressionism, tackle Egyptian heritage and culture symbols. She uses different techniques in drawing: oil, aquarelle, cleric, pastel, ink coal colors.
She participated in many domestic and international exhibitions.

9- Omaima Alseesi


An artist with passion for traditional lifestyle and ancient heritage, Omaima’s paintings depict Egypt’s rural areas as well as Upper Egypt where their vibrant and rich colors are strongly reflected in her canvas.

A graduate from Al-Alsun Faculty – Ain Shams University, she worked as a translator for multinational establishments in Egypt and abroad.

As a self-taught artist, Omaima joined various workshops with renowned artists to refine her talent. Today, she is a full-time artist who uses both realism and impressionism schools. Her work was exhibited in Egypt and abroad. Her solo exhibition “Doors of Baheyya”, showed more than 40 oil paintings on canvas, presenting ancient and traditional doors of Egypt, revealing tales, people and places behind these doors.

10- Reem Gohar 


Reem graduated from The American University in Cairo with a B.A in Egyptology and minor in Islamic Art and architecture.

Her extensive living experience, that spanned for two decades, in Athens, India, London and New York enriched her passion for art. Visiting the eclectic museums and art galleries were both educational and inspiring.

After settling in Cairo in 2011, she had already established her own style which was mostly influenced by Sufism and its mystic world and was a source of inspiration for a lot of her paintings. Reem, has experimented with several media paintings, from oil on canvas, to acrylic, to water colors. She is also fond of drawing portraits with different facial expressions and had participated in several art exhibitions in Egypt.

11- Randa Fouad


With a passion for art and music since the age of six, Randa continued to paint throughout her life as a hobby and source of inspiration. After her graduation from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, she held several prominent positions in international and local organizations.

In 2014, Randa decided to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and devoted all the time it took to achieve this dream. She studied various art techniques with several Egyptian prominent artists. Her passion for Egypt, nature, art, music and Sufism are all evident in her paintings. She believes in the importance of art and culture in uniting the world and promoting peace and love. bringing people together.

She has participated in several exhibitions in Egypt, and aims to exhibit her paintings in different countries around the world.

12- Aalaa Abdul Wahhab


Aalaa is a photographer who specializes in commercial, event, macro, abstract, nature and portraiture photographer.

Her goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people and the beauty of nature as she feels it. She focuses on non-models and place regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are.

Upon graduation in 2009, she worked as a freelance photographer in Egypt Her passion for photography led her to study “Photography Professional Course”at Fusion Vfx Academy in 2014. Two years later she held her first major exhibition “EYE” at the Fusion Academy. She loves to travel for her projects.

Her favorite quote :
”When people ask me what Photography equipment I use, I tell them “MY EYES”

13- Aiah Abdul Wahhab Muhammad 

Her love and passion towards traditional drawing and painting led her to “Kythara Academy Centre of Art” where she studied for four years Hyper Realism Art with artist Amir Kamal.

She participated in her first group exhibition in 2013. She pursued her art educational journey for 3 more years where she attended classes and workshops with renowned artist Dr Taher Abdelazeem, and abstract art classes at the faculty of fine arts.

In 2016, she participated in 3 more group exhibitions with some of the most popular and talented artists in Egypt.

She defines her work as a balance between mastery of technique, an opinion to express and an emotional reaction. The ultimate goal is to seek truth, and not to be afraid to share what she finds.

For more updates on Art Without Borders and Art Without Borders – Italy, visit their pages on Facebook.

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