Fine Arts Student Dedicates Her Graduation Project to Fight FGM

Sunday July 14, 2019                   By: Manal Hany

Be Kind to Women


“Be Kind to Women” is the title of the graduation project of Fatma Mahmoud Raslan, 23, student at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Helwan University, Department of Mural Painting.


The project is about combating violence against women and its negative impact on their mental, physical and emotional health. Fatma chose female genital mutilation (fgm) to be the subject of her graduation project. She used photographs of girls and symbols of violence against women associated with fgm, such as razor blades; the rudimentary, yet savage tool commonly used to deform and dehumanize women. She also used anti-fgm quotes in Egyptian and Arabic to reinforce the idea.


For her art pieces, Fatma used stained glass, mosaics and red color to attract the attention of passers-by. She also tried through her paintings to highlight that FGM is an African practice, not an Arab or has religious basis.


Fatma told “Women of Egypt”that she did not face any challenges or difficulties to implementation the idea of ​​her project. On the contrary, she received support and assistance from her university professor who supervised the project. She also expressed her happiness to able through this project to raise awareness and discuss an issue that’s affecting girls in Egypt, the Arab region and Africa.












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