A Kid’s Photo Session in Nubia Becomes a Viral Sensation

Monday September 3, 2018                          By: Kismat Mokhtar 


It takes talent, creativity, a lot of energy and patience to become a successful kids’ photographer. 


In spite of the challenges kids’ photographers encounter, Rowan Khaled and her fiancé Abdel Rahman Sherif started their business Kids Marshmallow Station to capture those magical playful moments mothers treasure forever. Together, the young photographers created colorful fairytales and precious memories. Their business has been growing steadily, gaining more publicity with every session they create. 


Little did they know that Rawan’s simple idea to promote her home town of Nubia, while doing what they know best – capture kids’ photographs – would create a cyber buzz and bring them an overnight wide recognition.

Rawan family moved to Alexandria from Nubia a while ago, but they kept their family home in Nubia. 


The photographers wanted to create a concept for their photographs that ties tourism with sports and Nubian culture; both to promote Nubia and encourage families to sign their kids up for sports. They didn’t have to look far to find their model. She was no one other than Rawan’s cousin, Mawada Hisham,10, a gymnast champion. Both her Nubian features and with several gold and silver medals under her belt, she was the perfect model. 


They chose three locations, Aswan by the Nile, Philae Temple and the Nubian Village of Gharb Soheil. It wasn’t a usual sight for the locals to watch a young girl doing her gymnastics routine in the streets of the village. But nonetheless, with her family’s supported, the results were phenomenal. 


The photo session was a great success and Mawada became a viral sensation after the photographers shared her photos on their Facebook page.


To view entire collection, check Marshmallow Kids Station Facebook page  here

Photos credit to Marshmallow Kids Station

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