Women & Child NGOs in Egypt

The Egyptian Autistic Society: It’s mission is catering to individuals with Autism and their families and to increase awareness and understanding of Autism in Egypt.

Egyptian Feminist Union: EFU seeks to coordinate the interested efforts in women’s issues to create an aware society that believes in equality, citizenship, social justice, human dignity and respects women’s rights.

Egyptian Society of Women’s Health: Founded in 2015, ESWH is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that promotes and advocates for women’s health in Egypt. ESWH is made up of individuals united in their goal – to bring health and wellness to all women.

Educate Me: Educate Me aspires to improve the quality of education, create positive school environments and learning experiences for students as well as equip students with the needed skills to flourish in today’s world, by converting teaching methodology from transactional teaching to transformational teaching.

Heya Masr: Heya Masr is a volunteer-based social nonprofit organization  with a mission of restoring a sense of dignity and pride in young Egyptian women (ages 9-18) by building their self-confidence and empowering them mentally and physically to develop and strengthen their character from the ground up.  Heya Masr is empowering a young generation of girls now for a better Egypt tomorrow.

Salemah For Women Empowerment:  Salemah’s mission is to develop, promote, and strengthen progressive feminist discourse based on social justice and gender equality values. To empower women and allow them access and benefit from all available community resources.

The Littlest Lamb: A home that offers orphan children all the necessary tools and the environment to be leading members of the Egyptian society.

Helm: Helm, translating to “Dream”, aims to promote the full inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in all aspects of life, and specifically, to facilitate their employment and ensure that private and public premises are accessible to all.

Alwan Wa Awtar – Arts For Development: It provides a safe haven where children can nurture their artistic senses, develop their creativity and intellectual abilities and experience self-discovery in a stimulating nonjudgmental environment.

Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages: To create a future of equal opportunities for children and youth without parental care through unifying the standards in institutional homes and applying all aspects of care and services entailed in the standards.