In Photos: The Divas of Black & White Egyptian Cinema in Colors

Wednesday August 12, 2020
WoEgypt Staff – Photos colorization: Khaled Abdel Rahman

We watch black and white movies with nostalgia. We remember the beauties of the golden era.  We loved their natural look, with no air brushing, filers or plastic surgeries. Their beauty, elegance and finesse compares to Hollywood movie stars. They were fashion icons of their era. 

We cried and laughed with them, but most importantly we fell in love with their handsome beaus. We are reliving this era through their movies. We are still invited into their homes that have long been demolished. We spend the summers with them on beaches and drive in their brand new shining convertibles that have long been antiques.

More than their looks, and fashion, these movies documented an era that has long been gone and forgotten, but in the memories of those who lived it, many of whom are already gone too. 

While many young people hardly remember the names of the golden era icons of the Egyptian movies, those who grew up watching them have always wondered how would their movies look in colors. Thanks to digital colorization softwares, more photographers, artists and amateurs are becoming able to reconstruct the black and while photos with more accuracy. Thus our once unreachable stars, in colors they look more normal, more like us. The colorizing process starts first with repairing and restoring the black and white photos before adding colors to them. We loved them in black and while. Nonetheless, with the outstanding results of the colorized photos,  we can’t help but falling in love with them even more.

Mariam Fakhe El Din, Shokry Sarhan – 1957
Hoda Soltan – 1960
Amal Farid, Ahmed Ramzy – 1956
Amina Rizk, Mahmoud El Meliguiy – 1958
Shadia, Omar El Sherif – 1958
Samia Gamal, Kamal El Shenawy – 1957
Madiha Yousry – 1948
Zinat Sedky, Ismail Yasin, 1957
– Katie, Mimi Shekib, Nagah Salam – 1953
Kamal El Shenawy, Laila Fawzy – 1949
Lola Sedky, Mahmoud El Meliguiy, Laila Fawzy – 1949
Madiha Yousry – 1945
Zinat Olawy, Amal Farid – 1958
Akeela Rateb, Serag Monir – 1947
Laila Fawzy, They Karioka – 1952
Lola Sekdy and Mahmoud El Meliguy – 1949

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One comment

  1. Excellent…glorious days of the Egyptian cinema during the forties,fifties and sixths…overpaussing Hollywood..elegant and glamorous with a strong sense of the joie de vivre..those were our days my friend in Cairo and Alexandria!


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