Women of Egypt is an advocacy movement dedicated to the empowerment of Egyptian women.

Alexandra Kinias, Founder

Alexandra Kinias is screenplay writer, novelist and women rights advocate. Her passion for movies, books, art, travel and women issues and empowerment is translated in her writings and advocacy.

Born and raised in Egypt, Kinias lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and is currently working on her non-fiction book, a collage of her published articles on women’s issues narrated by her personal life growing up in Egypt.

Women of Egypt is a platform for change to empower Egyptian women, reinvent the advocacy movement, bring into focus the important issues and positive change.

Her articles are published in various newspapers, magazines and blogs in Egypt and the U.S. Her English published fiction Black Tulips is inspired by her life growing up in a male dominant society. Her Arabic book Cleopatra and her Sisters, is a satirical collection of stories about women’s relationships in Egypt.​​​

​Kinias co-wrote the movie Cairo Exit, censored in Egypt, yet received international recognition and was screened in Tribeca, Dubai Film Festival, Washington Arabian Nights Festival. It also won best non-European Film in the Independent European Film Festival.

Her screenplay “Leila’s World” was short listed among best 10 screenplays at RAWI Screenplay Lab in Jordan.