Our Team

In Alphabetical Order:

Amany Zayed


Amany Zayed is an engineer who worked in engineering projects’ management for many years, but who also loves teaching kids.  She is also a proud mother of two beautiful kids.  She has been passionate about writing all her life and finally decided to take this passion to a more professional level.  She loves reading and traveling.

Ayaat Morgan

Ayaat wants to live in a world where magical wands exist; where spells cast hope and happiness and where humanity is the air inhaled in people’s lungs and exhaled into the universe. As a marketeer, she kicked off her career with the UN to work with movies. Her involvement with the movies ‘Cairo 678’ and ‘Asma’, took her on a life-changing journey around the world, winning numerous awards.

Post-Egyptian revolution she worked in the food retail industry with several multinational franchises, before venturing into a new challenge with sport and lifestyle brands. When she isn’t working, she exercises, cooks a guilt free meal, writs, and sleeps with a book in her hand, bundled with extra dark chocolate and cup of her favorite home brewed coffee.

Caroline Emile14502123_10157664959525393_114682337_n

Egyptian-born Caroline Emile is a marketer and happiness & fulfilment coach, passionate about inspiring and supporting individuals to unleash the best version of themselves and live their unique purpose. She began her own journey of personal transformation to train as a coach after working for over a decade in marketing communications in the UK and Middle East, yet continued to feel there was ‘something missing’ in her life, and that there was more to her than her existing career success.

Currently living in London, Caroline is a global citizen, having lived in four countries on three continents by the age of 16. She naturally enjoys travel and exploring new horizons, as well as writing and charity fundraising. She can be contacted at caroline@butterflyme.co.uk

Dina Al-Mahdy

Dina Al-Mahdy is a freelance editor and translator at Bloomsbury Publishing and a contributor writer at Elephant Journal and Austin Macauley Publishers. Besides being a reading-promoter and a photo-blogger, she is also an associate at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA); and a member at the International Association for Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) and the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS). She shares her thoughts on energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, relationships and the universe on her blog “A Journey In My World”, Facebook page, and Instagram in the hopes of inspiring as many people as possible and changing their lives for the better.

Check Dina Al-Mahdy’s blog “A journey in My World” here


Farah El Desouky





Farah Desouky is a 17 years old student. The 12th grader studies at Maadi Narmar School in Cairo. A feminist at heart, Farah combines her passion in writing and women’s issues to advocate for her cause.


Fayza Taha Mostafa Yassin

Mostafa Taha is half Dutch half Egyptian. So you can say that I have two cultures in my life.  I graduated from the university of Wales with major of marketing. I am a blogger I am working on my first book. I am also a proud single mom of a gorgeous little boy . I love being a mom. I think it’s a bless I get to be his mom. I love to travel and to listen to music.


Habiba Elhady


I am an Egyptian serial tea drinker who lives in UAE, a former genius who firmly believes that each person was created for a reason, a passionista obsessed with sketching and photography, and on a mission to discover  herself.  I believe that people have to try themselves in different fields to know what they truly love. I’ve recently discovered that I love writing and I believe that anyone can write because everyone has a story to tell and an experience to share, but finding the time and the will to hold the pen and make your words flow is what makes a great writer…. to be continued …

Heba Abu Ahmed


Heba studies at Hayah International Academy and is graduating in 2017. The 16 years old student participated in the World Affairs Council competition in Washington DC, where her team scored an exceptional high score. In 2015, she was the operation manager at a student-run charity at her school called Hayah Helping Hands, and this year she was appointed as the organization’s head for 2016-2017’s Academic Year.

Heba is a volunteer photographer in Exponential, a community that teaches kids life skills and core values. She is a member of her school soccer team and is passionate about arts, photography and movie editing. She also plays squash, loves planning and organizing trips and traveling, and can spend hours in museums without getting bored.

Iman Refaat


An educator and student development leader at GPIS Egypt (Green Land Pré Vert International Schools), Iman transforms the lives of hundreds of students, by helping them develop their compassionate minds, their sense of social responsibility and their skills. The Community and Service project of her students won ‘Best project in Africa and the Middle East’ in 2007.

Her novel Fabulous Veils reveals the various forms of gender inequality and women oppression in Egypt.  Witnessing how teens and young adults lack direction and motivation, she writes on her blog www.imanrefaat.com and several social media accounts to help them make paradigm shifts.

Iman lives with her husband in Cairo. The couple has a son, a daughter and a Cocker Spaniel.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, biking, cycling, traveling, and photography.

Jaylan El Shazly

Jaylan is a travel and Netflix enthusiast, who values her subscription to both the Economist and Hello magazine equally. After 11 years in the telecom world, she is trying to shift her career towards the development and public sector hoping to work with women’s issues. After several years living in Stockholm, Sweden, she returned to Egypt to find her next career challenge in women’s economic empowerment. For now, she’s keeping herself busy as a core team member of Heya Masr, an NGO that delivers fun and empowering educational programming for underprivileged girls. When she’s not working or volunteering, she sings and tries to play the piano – badly. Her neighbors haven’t complained yet.


Lamia Senousi


Lamia was born and raised in Copenhagen to Egyptian parents and spent the majority of her life in an international setting. She is currently based in London and has over ten years of experience in communications, public relations and public affairs working for global organizations and on political campaigns.

Maryam Meshal

Aspiring food marketer, passionate about art, women’s rights, and the Land of the Pharaohs.


May Allam is Egyptian British, who lived all her life outside Egypt, but has returned to live in Egypt with her husband and kids. She holds a BA in business administration from AUC – with a double minor in political science and journalism and mass communication. She also holds an MPA degree from the same University. Although she currently is focusing on raising her kids in the new and difficult post-revolutionary situation in Egypt, her passion lies in reading, writing as well as editing. Her utmost dream is to have an impact one day on the society through writing.

Nada Raafat

A dentist  who wants to make a change either through dentistry, life coaching or writing. She tries to practice what she writes about and hopes that her writings may inspire others.  She’s aware that no one is perfect, but also  believes that practicing  can help us become the best version of ourselves.

Nada Reda El Kharbotly

An eighteen year old diver with too many dreams to accomplish. She’s the type of person who’s down to everything from skydiving to bungee jumping. However,  she would enjoy nothing more than getting lost in a book while sitting on an empty beach at the crack of dawn.

Nadeen ElFekky


The 17 year old undergraduate IGCSE student has been working at Alef Bookstores for two years.  She is a member of Heya Juniors (A Feminist Initiative based in the AUC) and a regular participant at the Model United Nations conferences.  She’s also a self-taught guitarist who’s passionate about reading and writing.

Nevin Elgendy


Nevin El Gendy / Martha Beck Life Coaching institute / Business Management Graduate diploma Boston University / BA Mass Communicating American University of Cairo / draws from her diverse cultural background and experience to provide woman with the tools to get clear, become confident and go big. She brings a strong sense of intuition, calm clarity and compassion to her clients. Her guidance and loyalty give women a chance to reach their full potential, and prepare the heart and mind for a new life. Nevin encourages women to work their way through limiting beliefs and change the story they tell themselves.

Nevin spends her time between her native Egypt and adoptive Canada. She is trilingual and has taught workshops internationally. She’s a mother of four children.


Noha Hassan

Noha Hassan is an Egyptian Canadian, born in Cairo, Egypt.  She holds a Bachelor degree in French Literature from Cairo University and speaks Arabic, French and English.  A passionate and outspoken advocate for women’s welfare, she volunteered with several committees and worked alongside top female professionals, providing professional development and mentoring for aspiring career women.

Noha is a freelance writer, poet and blogger.  She reaches out to women and encourage them to empower themselves by means of positive thinking and healing.  She loves painting and photography.

Pakinam El-Askary

Pakinam El-Askary works for Customer Care Advisor @Vodafone Ireland. She is a Certified NLP Practitioner. Meditation is a life style for her that helps her stay centered and achieve goals. Running is dear to her heart and that’s how she lost 26 kilos. When she longs to meet new people, or visit new places, she reads. It never lets her down.