39 Egyptian Gold Medalists in 2018 Made Us Proud.

Sunday December 23, 2018                              By: Kismat Mokhtar


Every day, Egyptian female athletes (EFA) are raising the bar. They are competing in challenging and extreme sports and breaking world records. This year in particular has been phenomenal for EFA.  They have participated in competitions across the globe, and have received world recognition. They not only have carved their names in gold, received awards and honors, but they also, while making us all proud, are encouraging the younger generation to break the social and gender stereotypes.

Congratulations to our gold medalists. We salute you and wish you more success in 2019.

1- Amina Orfi


Amina Orfi won the British Squash Open title U11, after beating her Egyptian counterpart Jana Galal 3-0 in the finals.

2- Shaima Hashad


Shaima Hashad wins the gold medal at the Prince of Kuwait International Shooting Tournament, in the women’s 10 meters rifle competition, after beating her competitors from Bahrain and Kuwait

3- Nour Shirbiny


Nour Al-Sherbini won the fourth Grand Slam title in the Squash J.P Morgan Tournament of Champions in New York State. Al-Sherbini won the championship for the second time after the 2016 edition and the third time in the history of Egypt.

Sherbini also won the Women’s British Open Champion title.

4- Mariam El Zohery,

مريم الزهيري

Fencer Mariam El Zohery from Alexandria Sporting Club, won the gold medal in the Arab Women Sports Tournament in Sharja, UAE.

5- Sandra Samir


Sandra Samir won Future Tunis 2018 Cup after beating the Bosnian champion Nafisa Berberovic. The tournaments was held in the city of Hamamat in Tunis

6- Samar Amer


Wrestler Samar Amer won the African title for 76kg after beating the Nigerian and Cameroonian champions

7- Ibtisam Zayed


Cycling champion Ibtisam Zayed, swiped the African Championship that was held in Morocco in 2018. She won 7 gold medals for the 7 women races she participated in. She was also awarded as Best Athlete of the Championship.

Ibtisam Zayed also won the gold medal for the road bicycle race at the Arab Cycling Champion in Algeria.

8 – Sarah Samir


Sara Samir, national weightlifting champion, won the world title in The Youth World Championship in Uzbekistan after winning 3 gold medals in 69 kg clean and jerk and 69 kg snatch and the total

Samir also won the gold medal at the African Junior and Youth Championship 2018, that took place in Cairo

9- Nouran Gohar


For the second year in a row, Egyptian squash player Nouran Gohar wins the Macau 2018 Squash Open.

10 – Nour Hussein

Noor Hussein

National taekwondo player Noor Hussein won the gold medal and the African title in the 49kg category at the African Championship G4, held in Agadir, Morocco in march.

11- Farah Ahmed Saad

Farrah Saad

In the Ukraine Gymnastics Cup 2018, Farah Ahmed Saad won the gold medal for the pommel horse and the silver medal for the parallel beams. With these accomplishments, Farah, who is from Nubia, Aswan, is defying the customs and transitions in the conservative south – where she comes from – that restrict girls’ participation in sports.

12- Samiha Mohsen

Samiha Mohsen

Samiha Mohsen breaks the Egyptian record for 50 m backstroke at the TYR PRO SWIM SERIES. She finished the race in 29.64 seconds. The old record was 29.94 seconds.

Mohsen also won a gold medal for the 100m backstroke at the African Swimming Championships in Algeria.

13- Ashrakat Sharif

Ashrakat Sharif

Ashrakat Sherif won the gold medal and the trampoline title at the 14th African Championship for Rhythmic Gymnastics& Trampoline

14- Raneem El Walily


Ranim El Walily won the Gouna Squash 2018 Open after beating Nour Sherbini in the final game. She also won the China Open 2018 title, and the US Tpen Title in Philadelphia after beating Nour El Sherbini in the final game

15 -Aya Madany

Aya Madany wins the gold medal in the African Fencing Championship that was held in Tunisia

16- Reem Ashrafreem ashraf

Egyptian Fourteen years old Reem Ashraf set a new Guinness World Record for longest open saltwater scuba dive – 55 hours.

17- Farida Ossman


Farida Osman won gold medal in 50 m butterfly race and sets a new record of 25.48 @ The Mediterranean Games 2018 held in Tarragona Spain. She won a second world record in the same race in 50 m freestyle.

Osman also won 2 gold medal in 50 m butterfly race and 100m butterfly race, at the African Swimming Championship in Algeria

18- Nancy Taman

nancy tamman

Gymnast Nancy Taman wins the gold medal at the African Youth Championship in Algeria,

19 – Esraa El Sayed

اسراء السيد

Weightlifting champion Esraa El Sayed won the gold medal in 63 Kg snatch, in the Youth World Championship held in Uzbekistan.

20 – Marwa El Hodeiby


Egyptian and African Table Tennis Champion, Marwa El Hodeiby, won the gold medal at the African Youth Championship in Algerian

21- Rania Ezzat

رانيا محمد

Rania Ezzat won 3 gold medals in 63+ Kg weightlifting, in The African Youth Championship in Algeria, which is held from July 19-28

22- Naema Said

نعمة السيد

Naema Said won 3 gold medals in jerk, snatch and total for 63 and +63, in the African Youth Games in Algeria

23 – Dina Musharraf


Dina Musharaf won the gold medal and African Table Tennis title in Mauritius

24 – Nora Hany

نورا هاني

Nora Hany El Hinawy won gold medal in Aerobic Gymnastics solo routine, at the African Youth Games in Algeria

25 – Dareen Mahmoud

دارين محمد

Egyptian rower Darren Mahmoud won gold medal at the Youth World Games in Algeria

26 -Hania Moro

Hania Moro

Hania Moro won 2 gold medals at the African Swimming Championships in Algeria; The first in 400m freestyle and the second in the 800m freestyle.

27- Sandy Ayman

sandy ayman

Swimmer Sandy Ayman won the gold medal in 800 m freestyle, at the African Youth Games in Algeria

28 – Rawan El Araby

rawan el araby

Squash player Rawan El Araby won the youth world title after beating her Egyptian counterpart Hania El Hamamy in the final game 3/1 – at The Youth Squash World Championship was held in India.

29 – Hanna Gouda

rana gouda

Egyptian Table Tennis Champion Hana Goda ends the 2018 season with great victories. She plays for Al Ahli Club. She won the National Champion U12 in March, August and September. She also won the National Championship U15 in August .

30- Hedaya Malak

هدايا ملاك ٢

Taekwondo Star Hedaya Malak won gold medal and the 2018 French title. She also won the gold medal, 67- kg, at the Russian Opening Taekwondo

31- Jana Shiha

جنا شيحة

Squash player Jana Shiha won the gold medal in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games – Argentina

32- Dina Abdel Maksoud

دينا عبد المقصود٢

Dina Abdel Maksoud received Ukraine’s Bodybuilding Gold Cup after winning two international competitions in the same week. This is the first time for Egypt to participate in women’s bodybuilding competitions.
Photo credit Dina Abdel Maksoud

33- Jiana Farouk

giana farouk

World champion Jiana Farouk won the gold medal, 61kg, at the African Karate Championship in Rwanda

34- Aisha Abdel Rahman

عائشة عبد الرحمن

Aisha Abdel Rahman won the gold medal, 68kg+ at the African Karate Championship in Rwanda

35- Sarah Assem

سارة عاصم

Sarah Assem won the gold medals for Kata Karate at the African Karate Championship in Rwanda and the Arab Championship in Cairo.

36. Jana Ibrahim

janna IbrahimGymnast Jana Ibrahim won 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the African Youth Games in Algeria

37- Hadia Hosny

Hadia Hosny

Egyptian badminton champion Hadia Hosny  won the gold medal  in singles at the Cameroon international series for badminton. She also won the gold medal at Kiev Badminton Club International in women singles.

38- Alia Amr El Ghandour

AliaAlia Amr Elghandour won the gold medal at Cyprus Badminton International Series under 11 years

39- Jana Hisham
Jana Hisham

Jana Hisham won the Arab Badminton Youth Champion 2018, under 15


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