Marathon to End Violence Against Women

Friday November 30, 2018


Egyptian women gathered today in Cairo for an eight-kilometer run, the first official Marathon for Women and Girls in Egypt. The event was part of the 16-days of activism to combat violence against girls and women. It was organized by The National Council of Women (NCC), in cooperation with UNFPA, Cairo Runners, and the Ministry of Youth.


Domestic violence is widespread is in Egypt. According to Egypt Demographic and Health Survey 2014, thirty percent of married women in Egypt are subjected to domestic violence carried out by their spouses. Women organizations around the country are mobilizing their efforts and raising public awareness to bring change to women’s lives.


Dr. Maya Morsi, head of the National Council for Women, explained in a press release that the marathon aims to send a message to the entire world and to the Egyptian society to unite together to eliminate all forms of violence against women, and to affirm that Egypt supports this [elimination of all forms of violence anainst women] in accordance with its constitution. “The marathon was also to encourage women to play sports, and to spread the marathon culture among women,” Morsi added.


The marathon included an 8-km race for girls and women, followed by a race for families for 2 km. The marathon was followed by a concert at the finish line.




Photo credit    The Egyptian National Council for Women. Check their Facebook page here.

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