Jomana Ismail Travels From Minia to Cairo on a Stand Up Paddle

Sunday September 6, 2020

In a new adventure, Jomana Ismail travels the distance of 250km from Minia to Cairo on a Stand Up Paddle in five days.

SUP is considered the fastest growing recreational sport on Earth. It is practiced anywhere there is water; on rivers, lakes, whitewater, the ocean, etc. As well as world-class competitions, participants also enjoy SUP as a fitness activity and as a unique way to enjoy the nature.

About her adventure Jomana says, “On Sunday [August 30, 2020], I went to Minya and joined Omar El Galla and Omar Hossam on their adventure. They paddled on a kayak from Abu Simble and their plan is to reach Ras El Bar. I paddled with them on a Standup Paddle from Minia to Cairo with total distance of 250 km in 5 days.”

Jomana started SUP two years ago after Nile Kayak Club introduced it in Egypt in 2018 as a competitive sport. The sport was registered in the Egyptian Canoe and Kayak Federation. The federation had organized the first championship in the same year and Jomana won the first place in women races and the national title. She also participated in SUP world championship in Qingdao, China in October 2019. 

In 2018, Jomana and three of her friends embarked on the“Crossing Egypt Challenge”. The team of 4 young athletes walked on foot from Aswan to Cairo in to raise awareness on population growth. Jomana was the only female on the team. They walked for 900km and she documented her trip in the book,  “24 Days Following the Nile on Foot.”

Jomana Ismail grew up in Cairo, Egypt. Her parents are always supportive. Born in the middle between two sisters gave her the privilege to be the younger sister and the older sister. Jomana has an MBA from Leipzig University. Sports have always been part of her life. She performed artistic gymnastics when she was a young girl. Currently, she does standup paddle. She also hikes and practices yoga.

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One comment

  1. Wow! Go, Jomana Ismail! You are the definition of strength and determination. Everything you’ve done is an incredible accomplishment. May you always find support as you endeavour on new projects and seek new pathways. I hope you are proud; you make us all proud.


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