Sherouk Ibrahim: An Accountant Turned Fashionista

Monday November 13, 2017
WOE Staff


Zagazing University Commerce graduate, Sherouk Ibrahim, has been passionate about clothes and fashion since she was a young girl. It became challenging for her, as she was growing up, to find clothes to fit her. That forced her to buy whatever was available in the market and adjust the sizes. On many occasions, she ended up designing her own clothes.

22449595_1720672048004895_5109876154540130510_nDuring her collage years, she became known among her friends as a Fashionista, because of her unique choice of colors and style. After graduating from college, she turned down accounting jobs, challenged the fear within and became a Fashionista.

We sat down with Sherouk Ibrahim to tell us how she navigated her career from accounting to fashion design.

WOE: How did you decide to change career from accounting to fashion design?
SI: It wasn’t an easy decision, but I worked in accounting offices during college and realized this was not the career I wanted to pursue after I graduated. Once I got my degree I enrolled in fashion design classes.

23318633_1747085572030209_1173270386_nWOE:  Where you envisioning fashion design as a career when you were designing your own outfits? Or was it just a hobby at this stage?
SI: Fashion design wasn’t in my radar at all. I never considered it as a career. My family and friends’ encouragement was what motivated me to take this step. But once I started studying, it became clear to me that fashion design is what I wanted to do professionally.

WOE: Was it easy to convince your parents to abandon your degree, an accounting job and venture into Fashion design?
SI: My parents didn’t object at all, on the contrary they encouraged me to take fashion design classes, and until now they encourage and support me all the way, in every step I take.

WOE: Where did you learn fashion design?
SI: I first took some online classes and then I enrolled for a fashion design class at the Creative Group Academy.


WOE: Who inspires you in the fashion industry?
SI: Many designers inspire me, but my favorite is Ellie Saab. From the international ones, I like the designs of Paolo Sebastian, Channel and Christian Dior.

WOE: What inspires your designs?
SI: Nothing in particular. Many things inspire me, depending on what my mood is when I am in a creative mode.

23365076_1747085632030203_1405733000_nWOE: Tell us about your designs
SI: I haven’t released a full collection yet. I have designed many daywear pieces. Hopefully my first full collection will be released in the Summer 2017. It is a Haute Couture collection, and it will be presented in a different way than what people are used to.

WOE: What are the colors and fabrics you like to work with?
SI: There are no specific colors I like to work with. I prefer to use all colors because each expresses something different. The colors I use depend on what inspires me to design this particular model in the first place. I also like to use all kinds of fabrics.

WOE: Where do you market your products?
SI: So far on social media, but I am in the process of opening my Atelier.

WOE: Do you work on your own or you have a team to help you?
SI: So far it is a one person show. I design, sketch the patterns, cut and sew my pieces. But hopefully in the future I will need more people to help me.


WOE: What are your thoughts about the fashion boom in Egypt?
SI: The last 3 years witnessed a rapid change in the Egyptian fashion industry, and in the tastes of people. Many new fashion designers emerged in the market, and this is very healthy for the industry. It contributed to the change and diversity of people’s tastes in clothes.

WOE: What are the challenges you face as a new designer taking your first steps in this field?
SI: The devaluation of the Egyptian pound against the dollar raised the prices of the imported fabrics, machines, tools and accessories, which caused me and many designers to reconsider the models we are creating, and use lower quality material to be able to compete in the market.


Visit Sherouk Ibrahim’s Instagram account to view  her designs and creations.

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