Reflection On Friendships

Monday August 14, 2017
By: Ayaat Morgan

I’ve known friends that loved each other since childhood, and are now married with beautiful kids. Friends that got married to traveling, gave birth to exploration and made an oath to the universe. Friends who married, had kids and got divorced – some happily remarried, and those who didn’t, feel awesome for being single again.

Friends that were bullied and were told they were ugly growing up and are now ‘fashionistas’ the world follows, idolize and admire.

Friends that died in a revolution; they believed – something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. And friends that have just perished, they were young and full of dreams for the future.

Depression – that’s one thing I saw many friends go through. Some gave in and others are fighting as we speak.

There are those friends that became singers, writers and filmmakers. They dreamt big, came a long way and they’re going to get there – those friends have inspired me. They’re the true definition of artistry and passion.

Friends that overcame weight issues, they’re now stunning, beautiful inside and out. Some became trainers and life coaches and are now changing people’s lives. Imagine the impact they could have over generations to come?

A friend that fearfully confessed that he was gay, little did he know that I always thought he was extraordinary.

Friends that fell in love with partners from different religion; their stories are a combination of love, bravery, belief and determination. Some made it against all odds and some didn’t.

Religious friends, atheist friends, who cares friends, and each one of them have uniquely impacted my life. I will forever be thankful.

Friends that are entrepreneurs, and boy are they great at it! Others that opened up their businesses which were a success for a while, before they had to declare bankruptcy and carry themselves up from ground zero all over again.

Friends that work in the academic field, I saw paintings of their students and I am reminded of hope. Those who chose the corporate world and are slowly growing into the seasoned executives they’ve always dreamed of becoming when they were young.

Friends that are housewives, have careers and pay the bills – they carry mountains over their shoulders and they do it with such beauty and grace.

And there are always those that chose to give up their lives for the greater good of others, those friends that dedicated their lives to volunteering, raising money for charities, created NGO’s – list goes on…

It doesn’t matter what’s your story as long as you’re creating a life that YOU’RE happy with and that YOU wholeheartedly believe in.

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