Samia Adam Becomes the First Egyptian to Play in the Italian League.

September 27, 2022

Samia Adam Joins Naples Women Team to Become the First Egyptian to Play in the Italian League.

Egyptian football player, Samia Adam, joined the ranks of Napoli Femminile, who is active in the Italian Football League, the second division, coming from the Turkish team Galatasaray.

Samia Adam is Egyptian-American, born in Palo Alto in the United States on April 19, 1996. She has a dual citizen. 

Samia, 26, grew up in the US. She played with Pacific Tigers soccer team in college. She played in 53 games and scored 3 goals in the college national championship.

The former captain of Galatasaray joined Naples women team as an attacker. She is also a player in the Egyptian national team.

Samia Adam became the first Egyptian to join the Italian League. She was also the first Egyptian to play in the Turkish League.

In Egypt, she played for El Gouna football club in 2020-2021 before joining Galatasaray.  She scored 5 goals in the Turkish league games. 

She played for the Egyptian national team, first division, at the 2021 Arab Women’s Cup. 

Samia played her first match for Napoli on Sunday 26 September against Apulia Trani in the second round of the Italian Serie B.

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