Dina Hashish is Transforming the World to a Better Place to Grow Older

September 27, 2022

Dina Hashish

The UN Healthy Aging Initiative Honors Dina Hashish Among 50 Global Leaders Transforming the World to a Better Place to Grow Older

Founder of Golden Years Foundation for Community Development, Dina Hashish has been chosen as one of the 50 leaders in the world working to transform the world- and their environments- to be a better place to grow older-in. Dina is the first and only Egyptian on the list.

With the social restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Dina Hashish established Golden Years, an online community catering to the needs of senior citizens, allowing them to connect with peers, families, and other community groups online.

The community evolved to provide a channel for offering free, virtual activities like live interviews with physicians, virtual meet-ups, yoga sessions, art classes, and breathing sessions.

It also provides listings of all products and services that cater to senior citizens; health related, social and cultural or products that improve their quality of life. It also provides them opportunity to connect, build friendships and seek advice.

Inspired by the online community’s positive impact, Dina Hashish established the Golden Years Foundation to continue building supportive online platforms that promote respect for older people.

The foundation is dedicated to changing the dialogue about seniors in Egypt through promoting healthy aging and enabling older adults as independent decision makers.

Dina is a corporate lawyer specialising in corporate governance, corporate law and capital markets. She has worked for international law firms in New York, Milan, Cairo and a Fortune 500 Company.

Dina obtained her Masters from Stanford, she practices law in New York and Egypt. She has also been appointed as an arbitrator by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice.

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  1. I & a lot of members I know of the Golden Years am simply speechless at the work that Dina Hashish has put into this community over the past extremely challenging months. For a lot of us, the ride into our next chapter will be much more enjoyable.


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