Amina Ghoneim Stars in NIKE’s Ad to Defy Stereotypes About Girls Playing Football

October 1, 2022

Twelve years old Amina Ghoneim stared in NIKE’s latest ad Rise of the Kids | Sport Is Never Done, which is about self expression, as described by NIKE. It aims to build kids’ confidence, as it shows the endless opportunities for them to discover what they’re really capable of.

Born in 2010, Amina Ghoneim started playing football when she was 5 years old. She played with her cousin and brother in the garden. At 7, she joined the boys team at the club where her brother played. In addition, she played tennis and excelled at it. To compete professionally, she had to choose between tennis and football. 

She told her mom, “I’m gonna sleep on it but I know what I want. I really like tennis, but football is my life.” 

Amina faced many challenges playing in the boys’ team. Not to mention that she wasn’t allowed to play in the league, which broke her heart.

A family friend recommended Empower Football Academy (EFA). She was 9 when she joined the academy in 2019. She trains under the supervision of Farida Salem, Founder and CEO of EFA. Amina loves Coach Farida and looks up to her. 

Amina’s teammates are older than her, which is often challenging for her, but she is also grateful for the opportunity as it builds her confidence, and for the experience she gains.

With the help of her coaches, she was taught the proper techniques to face this age difference and physical difference. 

Amina is goal-oriented. Despite her young age, she sets her targets, both short and long term, and “is truly inspiring in the way she plans her days,” her mother says.

The young NIKE’s star hopes that women’s football receives more support in Egypt. She aspires to play in the Champions League and Premier League one day.  In her free time, she works to improve her fitness and skills to improve her performance on the pitch.

It goes without saying that she idolizes Mohamed Salah, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Amina is passionate about designing football shoes. She wants to launch her own brand catering to women and girls. 

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