Nadine El Guiddawy, Co-founds Mir’a Art Hub to Empower MENA Culture in Europe Through Arts

April 15, 2024

In celebration of Women’s International Day 2024, the “Music for Peace” concert, under the patronage of the Embassy of Egypt in France, paid tribute to Egyptian women. The event that took place on March 8th at the auditorium of Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, and featured the world-renowned soprano Amira Selim and the Ayoub Sisters, was organized by Mir’a Art Hub

Co-founded by Nadine El Guiddawy, Mir’a (Mirror in English) is an art association that aims to promote Middle Eastern and North African artists. Co-founded by Nadine El Guiddawy, Mir’a (which means “Mirror” in English) is an art association with the aim of promoting Middle Eastern and North African artists. Through creative projects developed in collaboration with Europe’s dynamic arts and events scene, Mir’a seeks to rediscover various forms of art, including performing arts, music, visual arts, and cinema.

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Nadine El Guiddawy is an arts and culture manager, co-founder of Mir’a Art Hub, and the first Egyptian woman to represent the 14 museums of Paris, France, while working at the French Institution Paris Musées.

Nadine is an AUC alumna (Fall 2015) currently based in France, where she works in communications and the arts. Initially a TV presenter, she hosted her own show on Mehwar TV Channel in Egypt, worked as an arts and culture journalist for Daily News Egypt, and later held roles in PR and communications for both local and international agencies in Egypt before moving to France.

After relocating to France in 2020 to pursue her master’s degree in Cultural Engineering and Management, Nadine recognized the need for better representation of MENA region culture, particularly in Europe. Carrying this responsibility towards her homeland, Nadine co-founded Mir’a (meaning “Mirror” in Arabic) in 2021 with three other Egyptians based in France: Adham El Sharkawy, Hussein Ghali, and Omar El Sharkawy. Their goal is to reposition MENA region culture to authentically reflect its identity in Europe through arts and culture, hence the name Mir’a.

Mir’a Founders with Soprano Farah Dibbany

After three years of hosting concerts and art exhibitions across Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain), Nadine takes pride in representing the MENA region abroad. Collaborating closely with Arab embassies, especially the Egyptian embassy, she reinterprets diplomatic events through the arts. For instance, she recently organized the concert “Music for Peace” under the high patronage of the Egyptian Embassy in France, celebrating Egyptian women in Paris at the prestigious Arab World Institute.

As a proud Egyptian, Nadine is honored to collaborate with MENA region artists, creating opportunities for them in Europe and expanding their audiences. She believes in the transformative power of arts to change perceptions and make a real impact. Nadine is also passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to pursue careers in the arts fearlessly.

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