Ambassador Namira Negm Receives Most Outstanding Women in Law Award

September 26, 2023

Ambassador Dr. Namira Negm, Director of the African Migration Observatory, has been awarded the 2023 Justitia Global Prize by the Women in Law Initiative in Vienna. 

This prestigious honor, celebrating outstanding women in law and global leaders, was presented at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. Negm received the award from Professor Franz J. Heidinger of the University of Vienna, the Secretary-General of the initiative, and lawyer Monica Sturm of Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH. 

The Austrian satellite television channel ORF conducted an exclusive, special interview with the Egyptian Ambassador on the occasion of winning the Award. 

Organized by the Women in Law Initiative in Vienna, this award celebrates the most talented and influential women in the legal professions, and in appreciation of their achievements and contributions to the international community. The winning candidate is considered “the Outstanding Woman” in 2023, for her leadership and pioneering achievement in international legal life.

Nominated among 50 global candidates, Negm’s leadership in international law earned her the title of “Outstanding Woman” for 2023. 

She was selected as a candidate for the award, as she is the first Director of the African Migration Observatory, the First Female Legal Counsel of the African Union, a seasoned diplomat, professor, and international lawyer.  

Negm used her positions to support female lawyers in her office to accelerate and advance their knowledge, as well as their male colleagues. Based on her belief in women’s abilities and dedication, she put her words into action by leading by example to encourage more women to join the specialization of international law.

By virtue of this Award, Ambassador Dr. Namira Negm will become a member of the selection and arbitration committee for the award next year 2024. 

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