Basita Founder Reem Kassem Attends Asia Music Summit in Korea 

May 17, 2023
Alexandra Kinias

Music, the universal language, transcends cultural boundaries and connect people together. Music festivals became a powerful tool to provide opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration between artists, who share common interests. Believing in the power of cultural connectivity music brings, Ulsan Jazz Festival 2023 will be hosting the Asia Music Summit. 

They bring together artists and audience from different cultural backgrounds who share a common interest in music, and provide them a space to perform, collaborate, experience different styles of music. 

Reem Kassem (Egypt, UAE) Head of Performing Arts at the Cultural Foundation in UAE and Co-founder of Basita has been invited to attend the Asia Music Summit that will take place during the 24the edition of Ulsan Jazz Festival in Korea, which will run between May 19-21, 2023 in the city of Ulsan. Reem was invited among delegates from Finland, Hungry, Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Jordon, Taiwan, Bhutan, Nepal and UAE.

Asia Music Festival is an annual event  of international stature and repute to promote the rich music of Asia. This year it is will  organized by the Ulsan Jazz Festival, Korea’s oldest traditional and high-end International Jazz Festival. It is sponsored by Ulsan Metropolitan City and Korea’s Arts Council. This event is considered an important destination for cultural tourism, international art exchange and a vibrant market for music of all genres. 

AMS will act as a platform to create and extend professional opportunities for the music industry and provide international performing arts practitioners with a one stop access to the blossoming Asian music market. Asia Music Summit is an annual event that brings together leaders in culture and music industries, sharing work and knowledge, and identifying ways in which culture and creativity continue to transform societies and economies worldwide. 

This year, working with the theme ‘Future is Now’, we reconsider the potential of collectivity, cultivating culture ecosystems, and embracing culture as lived experience. With thoughtfully programmed panel discussions and conversations, Asia Music Summit harnesses the expertise of policy makers, artists, and culture professionals to examine urgent contemporary issues.

This year’s festival is not only just a music festival, but an international showcase festival involving and inviting international famous experts to shout out the level of Korea’s culture and arts. Through Conferences, Business Meetings, showcase concerts and more programs, will create a steppingstone to Korea’s rising musicians in Jazz to move towards international music market and will promote Korea’s pride in jazz music industry.

In middle of the festival, Asia Music Summit (AMS) will be placed in Ulsan city and international representatives in Asia music industry and Europe and Japan representatives in jazz music will be gathering altogether in one place. All and any Ulsan citizens can participate and join this one-time special opportunity.

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