Womb | A Journey Into the Womb, An Immersive Dance Performance by Shaymaa Shoukry

May 14, 2023

Choreographed and performed by Shaymaa Shoukry, Womb is a dance that mirrors the womb to the globe. Shoukry explores how time and space can shift through a dialogue between music and the pelvic movement, and their influence on her perception of time and space. Working through the center, the origin of life force, the space of power manifestation, to come back to the depth of the familiar ground, the core.

Womb will be showing, at The Falaki Main stage AUC Tahrir Cultural Center on June 1 & 2, 2023 | Event details 

Shaymaa Shoukry, a multidisciplinary artist with a background in visual arts and theater, thrives on a passion for dancing, choreographing, and creating video art. She is interested in researching the origin of movement, repetition, and transformation while steadily questioning approaches to share her artistic practice with publics from diverse backgrounds and various landscapes locally and internationally.

She studied Visual Arts and Theatre at the American University in Cairo and Dance at the Cairo Opera House School. She completed the Contemporary Dance Workshops program at Studio Emad Eddin 2008-2011 and the Cairo-based Seeds’ Training for Dance Teaching in 2012-2013. Completed a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and following consistent martial arts practice at Meshkah Cairo. Founder and artistic director of Dayer for artistic productions company based in Cairo and functions internationally.

Womb live music and composition was created with artistic collaboration of Ahmed Saleh; musician, composer and sound artist from Alexandria, Egypt. Saleh is one of the founders of the renowned band Telepoetic, and participates in a number of other musical projects. He composes music for films, contemporary dance and theater.

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