Nevine Demintri Publishes A Children’s Book About Influential Egyptian Women

April 13, 2023

Nevine Demitri is a mom of two young boys, an engineer, a traveler and most recently a children’s book author. 

She grew up in Egypt, and moved to Germany to study Electrical Engineering at 18 years and has since lived on 4 different countries. She holds a PhD in Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence and works manages the Engineering team at a startup aiming to make the world a safer place. 

Her passion of reading and writing motivated her to write up the stories of inspirational Egyptian women in a way that is interesting for children. She recently self-published a book called “Bent Masreya” telling the stories of 10 historic and contemporary Egyptian women in 3ameya Arabic for children 5+. The book is available at her online store linked below. 

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