Shaimaa Tawfik: It’s challenging for women in the corporate world, especially in male-dominated fields

March 28, 2023

Shaimaa Tawfik is R&D and New Business Director at Beyti – an Almarai Subsidiary. She joined Beyti in 2016 in the Regulatory Affairs division and advanced to became R&D and Regulatory Scientific Affairs Manager prior to assuming her current role. Prior to joining Beyti, she started off as a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Scientist at Kraft Foods for the Chocolate Category.

Shaimaa studied Agriculture Sciences. She graduated in 2010 from Cairo University, majoring in Biochemistry.  She is a Certified Professional Sensory Scientist and Human Senses by Sensory Dimension – Nottingham University – UK. In addition, she has been accredited by UC-Davis California University in Food Perception and Chemical Senses; and accredited from Campden BRI Organization on Food Legislation and Regulations. 

As the Director of R&D and New Business at Beyti, she develops the innovations portfolio, ensure the delivery of visually and sensory appealing products with the highest quality. Some of her responsibilities include delivering the company’s profitability and cost-effective initiatives and representing the company within the regulatory affairs community where food laws and regulations are designed to make sure the industry safely operates in the market. 

About her job, challenges and career, Shaimaa Tawfik told WoEgypt, “Being a woman in the corporate world is challenging, especially in a male-dominated field like mine. Luckily, I’ve been working in a company that values its employees’ time, encourages work-life balance, and allows one to have time for themselves and their families. 

However, as you progress in your career and step into the mid-management level, you have to work much harder to continue climbing up the ladder. This takes lots of work and tradeoffs. In moments of doubt, remind yourself, ‘if your dream doesn’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough!’  I overcome challenges by asking for help and support. It’s okay to be vulnerable. We shouldn’t have to carry burdens all the time.

Looking at my career, I found passion in my job since day one, with all its ups and downs. Creating relationships makes me happy, and my job satisfies that need as I constantly interact with people. Being part of a food manufacturing company automatically makes me a contributor. I feel grateful that I get to contribute to products that are a big part of people’s lives.

My happiest moment is when I hear a mother saying: “I use Almarai because it’s safe for my kids”, or a friend telling me: “I love this new juice, it’s so tasty”, or seeing empty packs in the street with the strawberry tart yoghurt and imagining the person who drank it, hoping it gave them the necessary boost to go about their day! 

I love to see women embracing each other in their fields. Women now understand the value of supporting each other. We are responsible of raising our future daughters not to worry about gender disparity or inequality.”

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