Sara Hegy featured as one of the top 15 coaches in Berlin 2022.

September 19, 2022

Dr. Sara Hegy, Leadership Coach and Leadership Enabler was featured as one of the top 15 coaches in Berlin. She was the 2021 Richtzenhain award-winner for her PhD findings in cancer research.

She completed her Masters and PhD in Molecular Biosciences from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and she has published her scientific findings in the Journal Nature (Ahmed et al,2020). Her PhD research findings have attracted 2.7 million USD funds for her lab team to continue expanding on her findings. She became trending news across the Middle East after the German Embassy in Cairo congratulated her in February 2022.

Despite being highly successful as a scientist, Sara left her academic career in April 2021 to build her coaching business. Sara says “I had a very challenging yet, extremely empowering journey during my PhD. Years of hard work was not enough to help me push my achievements to the world. It actually led me straight to burn-out and depression.

Had it not been for the coaching I got during my PhD, I wouldn’t have had the right mindset to accelerate my performance and breakthrough my fears, doubts and worries creating the results that we are celebrating today. When I saw the massive difference coaching can make for high-achievers, I reexamined a new view from which I could serve and contribute to humanity. We were born to believe that success is luck but it is not. Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

and through my PhD journey, I went all the way from my fear of being a failure to the confidence that it can be done and I can absolutely do it. I’m here today to share my experience in the world declaring that it’s all possible if we invest in training ourselves to believe that we are capable and perform out of freedom and passion not out of pressure and hardwork. Coaching is a young conversation in the Middle East and it’s in many occassions not effectively done. But the work we have to do as leaders is still a lot and we have a big responsibility as coaches and leaders to provide an open safe trusting space for us and people we are accountable for to freely be and develop”

Sara says: “What I stand for in the world is a new kind of global leadership, where we create opportunities that allow us to shine and surpass the limits of what we think is possible for ourselves and our lives. It’s a honor for my coaching work to be recognized from Germany. Just a year ago, I dealt with a lot of resistance in building this business. It was not even possible that I switch to an entrepreneur so quickly. Through constant training and leveling myself up, I am able to breakthrough the limits of what I see for myself is possible and what others see for themselves too.”

Sara Hegy Leadership and Performance Coaching venture coaches scientists, managers and entrepreneurs 1:1 or in groups and facilitates corporate projects on leadership development in teams to create inclusive effective happy work cultures.

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