Enas Abdo | An Entrepreneurial Mindset Since Childhood 

September 18, 2022

Enas Abdo is an entrepreneur based in Sohag Governorate, who owns the Enoo Gallery project for designing decorations for events and weddings. Enas is passionate about her project for when you meet for the first time, you will notice the spark in her eyes while talking about her products. 

Enas Abdo is 24 years old and studies at the Faculty of Specific Education. Enas grew up in a house full of sewing machines, where this craft is passed on from one generation to another in her village. No woman in her family does not sew on a daily basis, which urged Enas to develop her sewing skills.

Her mother used to cut sheets, and then Enas sewed them. Enas sew her first shirt at the age of 14 and sold it to her schoolmate, and this was the beginning of her entrepreneurial thought to start her small business. 

Enas learned sewing from her mother and grandmother. “The sewing machine is an essential thing in our house, like the refrigerator and stove. My friends always laugh at me when I tell them that the sewing machine is more important to us than the blender”, says Enas. Even when she moved away from her parents’ house to study, she took her sewing machine with her in the students’ dormitory. 

When Enas mastered sewing, she started learning how to make accessories on her own. She started designing unique accessories and sold them to her relatives and neighbors and then started selling them to her colleagues. As usual, Enas grabs opportunities that come in her way. During her visit to an accessories store, she showed the store owner her designs, which he liked a lot. So he asked her to supply him large quantities of her works. After that, Enas collaborated with accessories stores and began selling wholesale. 

Enas faced some difficulties at first with her family because she is the eldest of her sisters. Her mother asked her to help her raise her sisters besides studying, while her father offered her money to abandon her project for fear that it would leave her physically exhausted, thinking that girls do not need to work hard. Then Enas heard about the Masaar project and the training it provides for entrepreneurship in the governorates of Upper Egypt. Afterwards, her parents encouraged her and supported her financially and spiritually until she makes her dream true; they even started to help her deliver products. 

Masaar played a great role in teaching Enas the basics of entrepreneurship and the legal procedures to register her company and how to market her products. After joining Masar, she created a Group on Facebook to showcase her products and now she runs her very own Inoo Gallery project. Today, Enas is proud of her financial independence and self-reliance. Now she is able to pay the faculty tuition fees and contributes in the household expenses in return for her parents’ favor.

Check Enas Abdo’s work here.
To learn more about Masaar’s project to enhance the entrepreneurship work in Upper Egypt, check their Facebook page here.

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