Relationship Drama: How to Choose the Right Guy?

Saturday July 30, 2022
By: Reham Bayoumi, Self-Actualizing Meta Coach.

you are always one decision away from a totally different life!”

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When it comes to choosing Mr. Right, many women are often oblivious about what to look for in a relationship and continuously question the choices they make. Even worse, there are those who find themselves torn between two guys at the same time, unable to make up their minds on whom to choose.

There two important factors one must consider when faced with such dilemma. First, it is important to understand that the success of any relationship depends first on how successful your relationship with yourself is. Your relationships with others are a reflection of how you see and value yourself, the boundaries you draw, and how you stand up for who you really are.

Second, if you are truly in love with someone that it becomes inconceivable to think of another person no matter how amazing or unique he is, you wouldn’t be even asking this question. So, if you still question your relationship, consider this a big red flag.

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However, if you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips for you to consider:

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1- Choose the person who makes you smile the most. Life is hard and we always need to surround ourselves with people who charge our souls with their smiles; an appreciative smile, an encouraging smile, a loving smile, a happy smile, or just a smile that his mere presence brings.

2- Pick the guy who gives you a little breathing space. Love is not about dominating the other’s life. It must have healthy boundaries to allow both of you to grow and flourish. A healthy relationship permits you to enjoy life alone as much as together.  A little space gives you the opportunity to miss each other and brings new energy to your relationship, without losing your true selves.

3- Remember, you can’t change anyone. So, don’t pick a guy whom you think you can change or expect to change, to be “the ONE.” Instead, choose the person whom you accept as he already is, and who fits your lifestyle the way it is.

4- Pick the one who encourages you and who is always proud of you. The one who sees your good inner light and motivates you, not the one who puts you down, even under the name of love. Love is never selfish, EGO is.

5- Finally, choose the man who is most present in your life. A lot of men are hard workers and good providers. They can give you financial security, but they might not be emotionally present in your life. Choose the person whose first choice is to be with you; the one who connects with you, supports you, stands by you, a man you can depend on, and who remembers you at 2:00pm amid his busy day, not at 2:00 am when he feels lonely.

Yes, it definitely needs power to choose!

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