Silver is the New Black | Embracing Your Silver Strands 

July 29, 2022

Women of Egypt launched the digital campaign “Silver is the New Black” to celebrate naturally gray-haired women. The campaign is in partnership with The Hair Addict and Silver Strand Group. 

Over the years, the beauty industry has drilled in girls and woman’s heads that age is the enemy. They dictated unrealistic standards for beauty and profited from exploiting women’s insecurities. Age is the opposite of beauty, they said. To stay young and beautiful, women were told to cover their gray hair; the beauty taboo. 

The beauty propaganda they created left many women feeling alienated and ashamed of their natural looks and beauty; and, of course, gray hair.

Women who chose not to color their gray hair, are always questioned about their choices, because living with unnatural hair color became the norm. 

It takes courage to go against the grain and to stand up with their silver heads raised high. Today we celebrate these courageous and confident women who are defying the social and peer pressure; bullying and criticism included. They are trendsetters and role models.

Embracing gray hair is not giving up on one’s self. It’s time to change the perception of beauty and what has been dictated to us by others. It’s time to break social molds and taboos. It’s time to change mindsets and beliefs associated with going silver.

It’s time to see and hear these courageous and beautiful women. It’s time to celebrate their uniqueness and choice.

We have invited members from Silver Strand Group who are all proud of their natural gray hair, to share their personal stories and journeys about choosing to make the transition; how they overcame the insecurities and built the confidence to face the world with their natural look.

The campaign is also in partnership with The Hair Addict, a natural hair platform that challenges societal norms around naturally textured hair. It encourages women to use natural remedies and organic products to healthier, fuller and shiner hair. 

The purpose of “Silver is the New Black” Campaign is to spread positive and inspiring messages about self love and acceptance. Its goal is to uninstall insecurities about gray hair and instill confidence about going gray, and to encourage women to accept the change, embrace their uniqueness and be proud of it. 

And isn’t that is one more reason to celebrate?

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