Dayra: Save the Environment and Support Social Causes in Style

Sunday June 21, 2020 – By: WoEgypt

Save the environment, support social causes, and most importantly, do it in style. This is in a nutshell the core of Dayra, a purposeful sustainable online platform for buying and selling preowned clothes started by the innovative social advocate Basma Tawakol who has over ten years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Technology Industry, and Community Development; and completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

Basma Tawakol

Basma has been working in the field of social work and volunteering for nearly eleven years, witnessing how local civil society organizations struggle to find unrestricted funds for their charity work. She also noticed that she, as many other girls, enjoy shopping so much that she usually has many pieces of clothing that has never been worn or have been used only for a couple of times. So, she decided to make use of the many buy and sell pages on social media to sell her unused clothes to raise funds and donate it to charities.

The first clothing sales campaign was to support the “57357 Child Cancer Hospital”, which has been a success with many of her friends and family supporting the idea. She then dedicated the second batch of sales to an orphanage in Ezbet Khair-Allah as well and as she always says ‘charity circulates in Dayra’. Those two events led to a great initiative in progress.
Studying in the United Kingdom for a while, she saw how purposeful thrift fashion retailers are mainstreamed in the economy and raise a great deal of funds to charities. Moreover, they contribute to decreasing garment waste and help the environment. Basma then decided to launch Dayra as a professional platform for collecting, sorting, and upscaling preowned clothes to support all social causes in Egypt that are in dire need of funds.

The operational model is to collect secondhand pre-owned high quality and often branded clothing which is no longer needed by their owner instead of throwing them away or giving them to charities that won’t be able to fully utilize these clothing due to their quality and sophistication. In exchange for a benefits card or a discount or a points system, Dayra will take these clothing items, clean them, and prep-them to be sold as re-usable or pre-owned clothing for those interested in fashion with affordable pricing through an online platform. Profit from sales goes to support charities and people in need.

Dayra has been re-launched in 2020 on social media platforms, with professional marketing of every unique piece of clothing that is exhibited, and till now more than six successful donations are made under the name of Dayra.

Since it was established, Dayra’s collected more than 220 quality branded clothing items; launched 5 successful campaigns that helped support the Children Cancer Hospital, Orphanage in old Cairo, Abu ElReesh Children Hospital, Mersal Foundation to support labor affected by Covid19 lockdown, ElSafa Senior Home, Misr ElKheir Foundation to support Quarantine Hospitals and Maana Lankaz Ensan Foundation for Homeless People.

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