“In the Land of Struggle” | Art Project About Women Conflict Around the World

Friday June 19, 2020

“In the Land of Struggle” is the title of the graduation project of Aya Ibrahim Qandil, student at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Her art project is about the conflict poor girls and women encounter around the world. “We often meet young girls living under harsh circumstances where the sudden absence of a father or a mother leaves them with the responsibility of raising up their younger siblings. There are many women who struggle to provide a living for their families. The circumstances differ, but the results are very similar.’’

On her graduation thesis she wrote, “Each of us is destined to go through a certain struggle. The shape may differ, but the core is similar. It is the struggle.  Sometimes it’s between the good and evil in us. Sometimes, it might be a global struggle, or a struggle between richness and poverty. At other times, there might be a fierce struggle between these poor women who find themselves surrounded by hundreds of conflicts; to make a living, raise their children alone, prove their right to move forward without the shame of the stereotypes associated with their gender. We are the girls and the women; Is anyone listening??

Aya Ibrahim Qandil id the founder of Bastet Art Place. During her college years, she joined the college theater t (Atelier al-Masrah). She participated in various shows as an actress, assistant director and executive director. She also participated in organizing art exhibitions like Egyptian Panorama and Recreation Exhibition 2019. She also organized two art exhibitions for children and participated in many art projects in Nubia and Cairo, and in Bali, Indonesia, and Mumbai, India.

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  1. Aya’s art is moving, poignant, and relevant. Beautiful work! Thank you for raising awareness about the plight of these girls.


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