Meet Zi, the Woman Behind Kefaya Plastic Campaign

Wednesday June 19, 2019                       By: WoE

Low Res - Un-Retouched Yet
Zi, Photographer: Khaled Marzouk

Plastic, the scourge of the oceans and the imminent danger to marine life; It’s dangerous impact on the planet has reached a critical point. And while we are absorbed in our daily lives, we tend to forget that with even a minimum effort, we can make a difference and help combat this epidemic. Each one of us can play an important role to save our plant, simply by avoiding the excess use of plastic and recycle it.  And because we often forget, awareness campaigns become essential to remind us. Kefaya Plastic (Enough Plastic), the virtual campaign that raises awareness on plastic pollution was launched earlier this month to bring into focus and raise people’s understanding on the gravity of the issue.

Zi - Creative Director-1
Zi, Photographer Abdallah Sabry

Zi, Founder of Zed Art Corner conceived and launched Kefaya Plastic, a local artistic project to shed light and breathe air into the deadly impact of plastic pollution on our planet, especially seas and oceans. Zi was inspired during her travels abroad by how European countries and India are taking drastic measures to limit the use of plastic bags. “They even charge customers who want to use them.” That led her to take action to raise the awareness of people on how plastic waste is destroying the environment in Egypt. “People have to recognize the importance of saving our plant, and we can only achieve that by taking action and stop throwing every single plastic bag and plastic empty bottles,” Zi added.

The virtual campaign was launched earlier this month to coincide with the World Environment Day celebrated on June 5th. Kefaya Plastic video featuring actor Ahmed Magdy wrapped and trapped in plastic waste, while chocking on a plastic bag, emulating the effect of plastic debris on marine creatures went viral. The shocking video came as a wakeup call to many.

Actor Ahmed Magdy, Photographer: Khaled Marzouk

“What mainly triggered the idea of this project is the lack of awareness Egyptians have toward the danger of plastic pollution,” said Zi to WoE. The creative mind behind Kefaya Plastic aspires to use her talent to create meaningful projects with a purpose.

Photographer: Khaled Marzouk

Since the inception of the idea in November 2018, Zi, worked relentlessly with photographer Khaled Marzouk to bring Kefaya Plastic Campaign to life. Together they brainstormed, built different ideas, collected plastic waste and most importantly they did a lot of research. “As visual artists, we wanted to highlight how harmful plastic is, through a sequence of conceptual photos, based on different ideas, using plastic waste to create the outfits and the setups, hoping to bring awareness and education on plastic pollution,” explained Zi.

To maximize the campaign reach, and achieve maximum exposure, Kefaya Plastic team realized they needed to bring onboard celebrities and public figures. Actor Ahmed Magdy was the first to join the campaign. He volunteered to create the first stage of the project. “Ahmed Magdy got excited about the project as soon as we contacted him,” explained Zi. A nature lover with a big fan-base, Magdy’s believe and support for the cause “was a great push for the whole team.”

Photographer: Khaled Marzouk

“The campaign targets reflecting the impact of plastic waste on human beings through three stages; The first stage shows how it surrounds them, the second shows how humans sink in plastic waste, and the third shows plastic consumption turns into a lifestyle. The first video and photoshoot we launched depicted the first stage of how plastic has become an inseparable part of society’s lifestyle,’ explained Zi.

Photographer: Khaled Marzouk

The campaign came to life, thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers who believe in the cause, but to expand its reach and impact, Kefaya Plastic and its team members are seeking partners and financial support to be able to further develop and create their ideas and to inspire more people.

Check Kefaya Plastic Campaign on Instagram and Watch their video on YouTube

Credits: Actor: Ahmed Magdy
Creative Director & Stylist: Zi (Zed Art Corner)
Assistant Stylist: May Adel
Photographer: Khaled Marzouk
Makeup Artist: Eman Arafa
Hair Stylist: Shehab Adel
Logo Designed by: Mostafa Samy (Tusk Branding)
Video Production House: DRM works
DOP: Ahmed Hany
Director: Khaled Senosi

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  1. All you have to door realize the gravity of the situation is drive through the country side and see the ‘sea’ of plastic bags every where.
    How can i donate to help with your campaign ?


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