Plasto Bagita | A Statement Dress to Raise Awareness About Plastic Pollution 

December 31, 2022
Alexandra Kinias

Despite the sensational success and effectiveness of Kefaya Plastic campaign launched by Zi and photographer Khaled Marzouk in 2019, the artists struggled to raise funds to create another photoshoot, to spread more awareness about plastic pollution and its harmful effects. But instead of giving up, Zi created UpCycled products, to sell and raise enough funds, and awareness! The UpCycled products led to the creation of Plasto Bagita, a statement dress made out of single-use plastic waste, and an even more successful campaign photoshoot by environmentalist actress May El Ghety. 

Zi, Founder of Zed Art Corner launched Kefaya Plastic, as a local artistic project to shed light on the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic on our lives. A passionate artist keen to use her talent to create meaningful and valuable projects to inspire people for a better future, Zi launced a virtual campaign in collaboration with photographer Khaled Marzouk to spread awareness about plastic pollution, especially that many Egyptians are still not aware of its harmful effects on the environment.

“People have to recognize the importance of saving our planet, and we can only achieve that by taking action by reducing our single use plastic consumption and trying to find alternatives,” Zi told WoEgypt.

To reach as many people as possible, the artists collaborated with actor Ahmed Magdy who appeared in the campaign video wrapped and trapped in plastic waste, while chocking on a plastic bag, emulating the effect of plastic debris on marine creatures. The video went viral. “The shocking video came as a wakeup call to many.”

Yet, Zi and Magdy failed to find sponsors for their next project. 

Zi experimented with up-cycling techniques. Zi also collaborated with Eman Salah, founder of Black Duck Designs, another designer who had experiences with up-cycling plastic bag, and who was happy to support Kefaya Plastic. Through trials and errors, she created the first pin made of up-cycled plastic waste and pills blister packs. And after a long and tiring journey, Zi collected enough money for another shoot, which took effect in November 2022 during the Climate Change Conference COP27. 

A week before COP27, Zi participated in the Green Festival onboard Greenpeace Ship that visited Hurghada on its way to Sharm ElSheikh.  “It was a dream come true.”

On board Greenpeace Zi created Plasto Bagita! A statement dress made out of single-use plastic waste, to shed light on the destructive effect fast fashion has on the environment. It also sheds light on the amount of waste created from the over-consumption of single-use plastic bags, and their harmful effects on our lives. “As a former fashion designer, I know that fast fashion is also known as disposable fashion, and that the fashion production is sadly one of the most polluting industries in the world!” Zi explained.

Later, Zi used Plasto Bagita, the dress made out of single-use plastic for the photoshoot. Eco-friendly actress May El Ghety joined the campaign and modeled the dress. El Ghety is also former ambassador to Very Nile, the first initiative to develop sustainable means to clean the Nile. “May loved the dress I created and she didn’t think twice to collaborate with us for this shoot!”

The reason of making the photoshoot on the beach was to show the contrast between nature and ugly plastic, and to shed light on the harmful effect of plastic waste when it is disposed in the sea. “The plastic bags used to make the dress could have ended polluting the land, the sea and killing marine animals!”

We all deserve to live in a healthier environment! I believe we can make it happen if each one of us makes a little effort,” Zi concluded. 

Actress: @mayelghety

Project: @kefayaplastic 

Photographer: @marzkhaled

Dress & Styling: @zedartcorner

MUA: @makeupbyfarahserry

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