Egyptian Mother Pleas to the World for Help to Find Her Abducted Son

Thursday November 29, 2018


On the morning of November 22, Asser Ahmed, 4-year-old, waited for his school bus in front of his family home in Nasr City, accompanied by his mother, aunt and grandmother. As the bus arrived, a car and two motorcycles intercepted it. To the horror of his family, by passers and other children on the bus, five gangsters carrying sharp weapons and sticks abducted Asser from his mother’s arms. Andalib Fahmy, 36, Assistant Professor at the Canadian University in Cairo, lost her consciousness at the sight of her son’s abduction. The kidnappers fled the scene with the child after assaulting the grandmother. By passers shot a video of the incident, which went viral on social media. While many assumed the kidnapers were after collecting ransom, the crime was actually motivated by revenge, incited and masterminded by Asser’s father, Fahmy’s ex-husband. According to Fahmy, this was the third attempt by her ex-husband, Ahmed Nabil to kidnap their son, after she gained full custody, following their divorce, initiated because of domestic abuse.

Police forces used the video of the incident and witnesses’ testimonials to identify the kidnappers. Ten people were arrested including Asser’s paternal grandfather, Nabil Bekheit, and his father’s sister, Norhan Nabil.

On the evening of the same day, few hours after his kidnap, Asser and his father arrived to Turkey via Alexandria Borg Al Arab Airport. According to the Facebook page “Asser Ahmed is Kidnapped” created five days after Asser’s abduction, Turkey is just a stopover before they reach their final destination. “Ahmed is expecting to peacefully escape his crime by going to another country, while taking away a little kid from his mother, although she has his custody and legally has the right to raise her kid in peace. It’s said that the ex-husband has residency in Germany where he works at “NGO NEST BERLIN” and “IYDW,” which are civil society organizations that deal with cultural exchange between Germany and Africa,” wrote the admins of “Asser is Kidnapped” Facebook page wrote.

With the uncertainty of where her son might be, Fahmy’s pleas posted on Facebook is written in several languages including Spanish, Russian, Turkish, German, Italian, French, English and Arabic. “In the name of childhood and innocence, I beg your humanity to send any information that might help us find the kidnapped son and find his place. If you ever saw Asser Ahmed Nabil in any country, please send a message to our page with the kid’s picture attached if possible so we can make sure it’s him in addition to his location if possible,” the post concludes.

If you have any information about the well-being or whereabouts of Asser Ahmed, please send a message to his page Asser is Kidnapped here

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