Dress to Impress with TrendCatcher, the First Fashion Styling App in the Middle East

Monday June 11, 2018


What should I wear today?

I really like her style. I wish I know where she buys her clothes?

Am I overdressed or underdressed?

This shoes or that earrings?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Does that sound familiar?


How many times you wake up in the morning, stare at your closet and have no idea what to wear. It often gets frustrating and confusing to decidewhat to wear for a job interview, conference, business meeting, a first date, a wedding or a party. We all go through these indecisive moments, no matter how many clothes we have in our closet.

26167516_1765677190402438_5661151854558050984_nBut imagine if you have a virtual stylist in your pocket, available to help you 24/7. That was the concept behind the creation of TrendCatcher App. Available to download for free from the App Store, it helps its community of virtual friends to get style suggestions, update them with the latest fashion trends and recommend where to shop for trendy clothes. “It is your personal fashion inspiration,” said Hend Gomaa, Co-Founder and Managing director of Digify, A Digital Advertising Agency and Creator of TrendCatcher, the first Fashion Styling App in Egypt and the Middle East.

TrendCatcher is a platform that offers accessible and free styling suggestions to women. It was designed for women who need advice on what to wear and are looking for guidance to help them look their best and feel confident and beautiful. Friends might not be objective with their opinion, not to offend you. And in the digital world, we are depending more on virtual friends to fill this void. The app was designed to connect women with a community who could help them choose what to wear, every day, on special events, and to give them more confidence.


When asked how the idea of creating the app came to them, Hend responded, “We love fashion, and to stay updated with the latest trends and styles, we downloaded many fashion apps and joined many fashion groups. The idea for TrendCatcher was based on Facebook pages and groups related to fashion and trends; people asking each other’s opinions and advice on fashion trends and styles. But as a member in a Facebook group, you have to wait for the admin’s approval to publish your post, and that often takes time. It’s not helpful if you are in a shop trying to decide what to buy. This created the urge to have this feature but with faster response. TrendCatcher offers you an immediate response from the community. You get your answer on the spot. We use it ourselves when we go shopping.”


TrendCatcher helps its members to connect with each other and exchange ideas, choose and suggest what is the best to wear, and approve each other’s outfits. Not quite sure if your choice of clothes is the best for the occasion, all you need to do is take pictures of your clothing items and accessories, upload them to the app andask the virtual community for their recommendations and opinion. They may respond by a Yay or Nay. “It’s like having another eye on your looks.” If you can’t make up your mind on what to wear, or if you are out shopping and not sure which dress, piece of jewelry or shoes to buy, you simply load their pictures and ask the members to vote for one.


With today’s busy lives, shopping time is always compromised for other urgent activities related to family, children and work. The limited time left to shop for new clothes, rushing through stores and trying on tens of outfits to find something you like can become hectic and stressful. TrendCatcher helps you find your favorite trendy pieces from the comfort of your living room. If you like an outfit you saw online, but not sure where to shop for it, you upload its picture and ask the members if they know where it is available. “Joining the TrendCatcher community also allows the members to both contribute the latest trends as well as stay updated with the latest trends posted by the admins,” added Hend.

31870814_1819483021688521_6639510288422928384_nIt took Hend and the Digify Team 4 months to develop TrendCatcher. They built the core for the app, yet it is evolving every day. They are listening to the recommendations and suggestions from the members and they keep developing, updating and adding more features to it, to make their experience more fun, easy and exciting. “Shopping was made easy online. Choosing the best outfit for your occasions shouldn’t be hard either. Installing a stylist app, which you can rely on its community to help you, might be all what you need,” concluded Hend.

Check  Digify and TrendCatcher websites here and here

To download TrendCatcher from the Apple Store here, or from  Google Play here

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