Breaking Barriers: Dr. Hanaa Wahba’s Innovative Approach to ESL Education

March 21, 2024
Women of Egypt

Egyptian American ESL Professor and Director of ESL Curriculum develops unique teaching method for English Language Learners

An Egyptian American by nationality, Dr. Hanaa Wahba was born in Egypt and has been living and teaching in New York for over 25 years now. A lover of education, languages and all things related, she carved her path to become the current “Associate Academic Director at INTO Hofstra University” and the “Director of English as a Second Language Program” at Hofstra University. Her cumulative experience, diligence and creativity enabled her to develop her unique English Language learning method “Dr. Hanaa Wahba’s Acrostic Method” based on a constructive and research-based approach in accordance with the international teaching guidelines established by pioneering educational institutions including ACTFL.

Combining a passion for teaching with excellent research capabilities, Dr. Hanaa assumed various teaching positions in US colleges and universities. Inspiring her students and being inspired by them, she finds her role as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics at Hofstra University one of the richest experiences she’s had along her career.

As an Adjunct Assistant Professor, she teaches Historical, Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education to undergraduate and graduate students at the School of Secondary Education and Youth Services in Queens College.

Dr. Wahba earned her Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.) in Interdisciplinary Educational Studies with a Teaching and Learning concentration at the Post Campus of Long Island University. Her research focused mainly on the impact that “Constructivist learning environment and learning styles can have on international college students’ academic and social outcomes in U.S. colleges and universities”.

She has employed this same constructive teaching approach to enable students to use language in contexts and topics they relate to, helping them achieve skyrocketing results and remarkable progress in the ability to express themselves in their new-learned language.

Dr. Wahba completed her Master of Science degree in Childhood Education at Long Island University, NY, and followed it with a Post Master’s Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) from Hofstra University and stamped it with New York State teaching certifications in both TESOL and Childhood Education. 

Utilizing her academic knowledge, wide exposure and network, Dr. Wahba has launched her YouTube Channel, “All About Education by Dr. Hanaa Wahba” and uses her social media pages to provide university-backed content to help students engage in learning via creative methods outside the classroom. She also plans to publish a book on her unique acrostic method for learning the English language within the next few months.

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