Sustainability: Could you be influential?

January 10, 2024
Dr. El-Shaimaa Abumandour

Technological evolution never stops amazing us, yet scientists did not find another planet to be inhabited but Earth. Earth, one of the solar system’s planets, is a beautiful planet with very limited natural resources. Unfortunately, the human population is continuously increasing while the earth’s resources are depleting. Human activities, especially industrial and energy production, have a harsh impact and cause the degradation of environmental conditions. Nowadays, environmental disasters and natural phenomena such as hurricanes, typhoons, land degradation, and wild species biodiversity decline are all clear outputs of humans’ misconduct on their planet. Most of these impacts are a direct result of climate change and the increase in the earth’s temperature.

Humans are part of nature and have a great influence on the globe. Hence, it has become urgent for each one of us to take action towards the changes in the Earth’s ecosystems. Protecting the earth’s environment includes air, water, land, and thriving beings. In my opinion, each one of us could have a significant influence on environmental pollution and global warming. The United Nations General Assembly had declared the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) an agenda that includes seventeen goals to guide people in general towards life welfare, prosperity, and environmental protection. Our lifestyle choices could play a great role in enhancing environmental conditions.

We should believe that each one of us has the power to make a difference by taking the right actions, even if they seem small. Change your mindset and believe that adopting simple steps could protect our beloved planet and ensure a pleasant future for the next generation. The best action plan we could implement is to embrace the 3Rs strategy, which includes reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce consumption of products, especially those that are not sustainable or recyclable. It would be great to use reusable products several times and quit using disposable materials such as cups, plates, containers, etc. Additionally, there is a viral trend of buying secondhand products such as clothes, shoes, children’s toys and games, shoes, furniture, cars, etc. Try to use recyclable products and avoid long-lasting products such as plastic bags and bottles, as they are non-biodegradable. This means that plastics remain unbreakable for decades, and no microorganism could break them.

On the other hand, plastics could be very harmful to aquatic ecosystems and marine species that could ingest or even be entangled by plastic remains, which could cause death or severe injuries to such creatures. Humans are also endangered by plastic pollution, which is not only contributing to climate change and threatening coastal tourism but also causing great danger to human health if accidentally ingested or accumulated in organs. The protection of our planet is a challenge in which each one of us could participate by implementing simple and daily habits. These steps could be the start of the journey to enhance the planet and make a difference.

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