Voiceover Artist Mona Sharawy Joins Jury for the SOVAS Awards

August 22, 2023

For the third consecutive year, voice over artist Mona Sharawy joins the jury for the 10th edition of the Voice Arts Awards, among 180 professional judges all over the world.

SOVAS Award is the most recognized award in the voice over industry worldwide. The award itself is designed by the same designer as the Oscar’s, and it’s known as “The Voiceover Oscars”; to honor the community of performers and craft professionals who perform, direct, produce, cast, engineer, and publish media in almost 12 languages and accents.

Sharawy had received the 2022 SOVAS Award in the US for Outstanding TV or Streaming Commercial.

While voice acting may have started out as a hobby, Sharawy’s passion, expertise, and dedication quickly turned what was once a pastime into a flourishing full time career. Her talents have created working partnerships with prestigious brands including Cadillac, Hilton, Harley-Davidson, Cadbury, Pirelli, Chevrolet, Estée lauder, Philips, Lego and much more.

Sharawy is also the voice of DMC/DMC Drama television, both leading major networks in the middle east. In both standard Arabic and Egyptian accents, she has vast experience delivering all forms of voice over: industrial, commercial, explainers, e-learning, video games, animation, narration and Interactive Voice Response IVR.

Prior to working with DMC, she was the voice of CBC. She is also a freelance voice artist for more than a decade now, as well as working as a voice coach.

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