Ambassador Nada Draz Appointed Egypt’s Council General in Chicago 

August 20, 2023

A career diplomat, H.E. Nada Draz is Egypt’s former ambassador to the Republic of Malta. 

She is also Former Council of Egypt in France, and Former Deputy Head of Mission in Tunisia. 

Ambassador Draz also held the position of Deputy Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Francophone Affairs. In addition, she is member of the National Council for Women.

In 2020, HE Nada Draz was conferred Knight of the National Order of Merit by the French Government. 

She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, and obtained a master’s degree in Arts, and Near and Middle East Studies from the University of London.

Ambassador Draz is the daughter of the late Ambassador Fathi Deraz, and the granddaughter of Sheikh Muhammad Abdallah Deraz, one of the renowned imams of Al-Azhar.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdallah Deraz studied at the Sorbonne in France, and had authored many books, including the book “Introduction to the Holy Qur’an” which was written in French and translated into Arabic.

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