TUTERA Fashion: Revival of Ancient Egyptian Civilization through AI Generated Fashion | With Photos

May 8, 2023
Alexandra Kinias

TUTERA Fashion is a new Egyptian brand of AI-generated designs inspired by the intricate patterns of ancient Egyptian textiles, and brought to life with modern technology. 

While we have seen many world-renowned fashion designers from across the globe, Chanel, and Lebanese designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, to mention a few, take their inspiration from Egyptian styles to create their glamour collections; this is the first time we see an AI generated design come to life. Thanks to the owners of TUTERA who have walked the extra mile to custom make their designs for their target audience. 

No doubt, AI is revolutionizing the fashion industry. It is helping designers create personalized and unique designs that cater to individual tastes and preferences. In addition, the automation of pattern-making, sizing and color matching, save time and reduce errors. This allows designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.  

By witnessing the transformation AI is creating, we can expect to see more innovative uses of this technology in the fashion industry in the coming years. None-the-less, with the growing popularity of using AI, many fashion designers are fearing its potential to automate many of their tasks, and to replicate human creativity and originality, which are often seen as key elements of fashion design.

However, it’s important to note that AI is just a tool that can enhance and complement the work of designers, not a substitute for human creativity and intuition. It cannot replace the talents and creativity of human designers. To stay ahead of the curve, the successful designers will be those who are able to leverage AI to enhance their work while still maintaining their unique artistic vision and perspective.

All photos credit TUTERA Fashion


  1. why would we revive ancient gods, that did not only NOT serve us then and let women again be the ones to shoulder oppression and control – and that in pseudo-priestly clothing? look at those thin, kind of lifeless bodies with depersonalized faces…


    • As opposed to what? Ancient civilization and Gods have always been an inspiration to modern times designers, artists, film makers, poets not to mention strategists and politicians. I don’t think we should label our history in this manner… We should always keep our history in our minds and souls


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