Egypt’s Ministry of Heath Works to Lower the Rate of Unjustified C-Sections 

September 17, 2022


With the increasing rates of caesarean section in Egypt to 72%, compared to international rates that vary between 20-25%, Egypt’s Ministry of Health is taking measures to reduce this large increase, which “has no medical justification, but rather financial gains and convenience to the doctors,” as stated by the ministry’s spokesperson in a televised interview, “as well as a popular culture that perpetuates women’s fears of the pain of natural childbirth.”

To reduce the numbers of C-section and the health risks to the mother and baby because of it, the ministry will equate the fees of the doctors and medical staff for natural and caesarean deliveries. In addition, the ministry will also provide financial incentives for the medical teams that achieves higher rates of natural birth. 

The ministry will also follow up with private hospitals that would be required to provide medical records that justify the Caesarean section procedures for their patients.

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