Egyptian Handmade Products from Recycled Palm Trees Waste Are Marketed Internationally

September 15, 2022

The Egyptian brand Jouzoor (roots) turns palm tree waste into handmade products. Jouzoor is a project of Ataa Association in Kafr El-Sheikh, a social enterprise that aims to empower women economically by creating jobs through the recycling of agricultural waste in the governorate. 

Palm trees waste is usually burnt. The burning causes black smoke clouds that endangers the environment and causes climate change. 

The champions of this project are the women from the village of Aljazeera Alkhadra (Green Island) in Motobas, Kafr El Sheikh, which is a remote area, classified as one of the poorest Egyptian villages, although it is one of the most  palm-growing villages, with 54,000 palm trees. Prior to this project, women manufactured  baskets for 3 pounds a piece — 1$=20LE

The project’s objective is to train 200 women in the village. So far, 20 women have been trained to recycle palm waste and manufacture products that meet international quality standards and styles. 

The online platform “Jouzoor” was launched to market these products in Egypt and around the world; This platform is the first of its kind to market agricultural waste recycling products in the Delta sector.

The project is part of Forsa Program for Takaful and Karama programs beneficiaries, launched by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and funded by the Sawiris Foundation. 

To view and order more of their products, check their website and Facebook page.

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