The Power of Vulnerability | El-Shaimaa Abumandour

September 9, 2022
El-Shaimaa Abumandour

Recently, there has been a debate that vulnerability should be acknowledged as part of human nature. The true nature of humankind is being social creatures. We are naturally rational, gifted with self-awareness, and adoration of freedom. We prefer to express our feelings and thoughts, be open to the world, and communicate with others.

Kids have this fascinating feature of expressing their feelings and emotions with no fear. As we grow up, our personalities and opinions change and we start to build defensive walls to surround our fear, weaknesses, and uncertainties. Most of us start to feel that the world is no longer a safe place and opening up to others may cause serious harm. 

The armor we use to hide our true selves prevents our development, reaching our potentials, and stealing our freedom and well-being. Yet, the most powerful point of strength is to discover your own weaknesses. Self-expression and vulnerability could be two sides of the same coin; it means you should be authentic and true to yourself with no fear of other people’s opinions or judgment. 

Dr. Brene Brown, (American professor, author and podcast host) defined vulnerability in her book entitled “Daring Greatly” as «the uncertainty or doubt, risk or jeopardy and emotional exposure or reveal», these are the type of feelings we usually experience when we try to leave our comfort zone. A recent study mentioned that people who admit their flaws willingly and accept their vulnerability are living happier, more open, and optimistic, they have higher self-esteem than others who do not. On the other hand, people who have difficulties admitting their mistakes usually hate to look weak or rejected, they feel insulted if others reject their ideas. Dr. Jerabek, President and Scientific Director of PsychTests, stated that some people do not accept that they are making mistakes; they may deny them or place the blame on others. The main motive for doing that is the fear of consequences, getting in trouble or being ashamed. Indeed, mistakes are embarrassing reminders of our imperfection, yet, they are valuable lessons. Admitting our weaknesses and mistakes requires courage and should be respected. Accepting our vulnerability makes us stronger, wiser and more resilient.

Being aware of our vulnerability gives us the chance to understand ourselves better, in order to face any challenges during our life journey. It is important to believe that no one is perfect, yet, we have to accept and love ourselves. My point of view is that you should know yourself truly, know your weaknesses and your strengths without  shame, embrace them and try to improve yourself without being afraid of leaving your comfort zone, taking risks, or asking for guidance.

Dream big, never stop learning and improving, and be fully aware of the fact that you were not born to please anyone. You should have your own choices, thoughts, beliefs, doubts, and priorities, be bold to share them with others, even if they would disagree, you should respect their disagreement as much as they should respect yours. 

Being different is what distinguishes humankind. Vulnerability, in my point of view, is not only showing your deep needs but also being true to yourself. Knowing that no one is perfect; no one knows everything, be sure that admitting this would not belittle you. Life is a journey and you would better not waste it in trying to please or convince everyone. Learn and keep developing and try to leave a great footprint throughout your journey. 

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